Thursday, March 31, 2011

Really? You Don't Say.

Remember, beauty
 is in the eye of
the beer holder.
On the radio today I heard there was a study done that shows good-looking people are happier and more content that average-looking or ugly people.  Also, these people tend to date and marry other good-looking people and make more money at their jobs.  Before we discuss this study, let me point out, once again, that cancer still remains uncured.  But, it's good we are putting time and effort into studies that remind us how happy and well-off beautiful people are.

Okay, so do you think the researcher or the respondent rated the level of beauty?  If I say I am miserable, but rate myself as good-looking, do you think the researcher marked off on his form "Respondent is unaware that she is not that good-looking.  She is the right amount of happy for her looks."  Honestly, think about it.  How could you objectively rate who is pretty and who is not?  What about ugly people who are happy and think they are good-looking?  I could go on all day here about the flawed science.  This study really only serves to remind us that beautiful people always get all the benefits and are a pain in our collective asses.  Please note, that if you are reading this and are beautiful, I don't mean you.

These people are happy
because they are poor
 and don't expect much. 
 One wing is enough for them.
Next up on the "it's hard to be fabulous" list is the unhappy air traveller.  A survey shows that wealthy air travellers are more dissatisfied with the crappy way airlines have been treating people than the less wealthy people (aka - the rest of us).  Seems that people who make 100k or more a year are twice as unhappy as those who make 50k or under.  The gist of the article seems to be that rich people feel more entitled to and are more used to good service when they fly and don't like being nickled and dimed and treated like they are unimportant.  The lesser affluent people are already used to being treated like crap, so they are not all that fazed by being charged to check their bags or being practically on the lap of the person next to them thanks to ridiculously small seats.  So I think what we have here is a case of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

In a related topic, we have some Not News.  For those of you just joining us, Not News is "news" that is really just filler and doesn't tell you anything that is not obvious or already known.  It is usually delivered very seriously and solemnly, in an attempt to make you think it's important.  I know there is nothing as compelling today as hearing that rich and beautiful people are more special than the rest of us, but it should annoy you to know that people are making money writing about this stuff:

Charlie Sheen does not seem to be able to get a hotel room in New York.  Rumor has it he's not such a good guest.

It was revealed that Elizabeth Taylor had a genetic mutation that caused the  double row of eyelashes she had (who knew).  Most people are not beauty-enhanced by this, as was Elizabeth.  This mutation can also cause lots of other disorders (that were listed) that are very serious, none of which Elizabeth had.  Good to know.

It's all fun and games until
someone finds wheat in
their pizza.
Trader Joe's is recalling one of their pizza products because the spice blend in it contains wheat and it isn't listed in the ingredients.  Hello - it's pizza!  Regular, non wheat-free pizza.  If you are eating pizza, you don't have a wheat issue, so who cares if the spices have wheat and you didn't know.  You already knew it was a wheat product.  Whistle.

There is currently nothing else at this time that needs to be discussed (except maybe the fact that I have used yet another picture of pizza), but I will get back to you as soon as something comes to mind or someone needs to be whistled at.


  1. I love reading your posts and getting to laugh & smile so early in the day! It really helps get my day going.

  2. Thanks Dee! So nice of you to say...glad you are enjoying. :)

  3. Have I told you lately that I love you? I know, I know....stop being queer.

  4. are you having an episode from eating pizza with wheat in it? xo

  5. No, I'm having an episode from not eating ice cream....with or without wheat in it.

  6. HILARIOUS, OMG, that picture with the people in the airplane with only one wing and they are happy, that's brilliant.


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