Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Bit Yucky

Lots of choices, but if these
don't work, chocolate is
always good.

Before I tell you about the yucky-ish stuff I found today, I wanted to fill you in on Husband's response to yesterday's post.  He reminded me that he is not here for my writing amusement. Wrong.  He thinks no one else writes about their husband for the entire world to see.  Wrong.  I told him he forgot to mention how funny and true the post was.  I also pointed out that I was still (yes still) waiting for my thank you for immortalizing him in print.  Personally, I think he is being a little ungrateful and rude.

I also reminded Husband that he was offered the opportunity to write a guest post that I would not edit in any way.  This would be his big chance to tell his side of things or refute anything I've said.  Still waiting.  I guess it is hard to refute the truth.  That offer still stands for my brother and son as well (no Mom, still not you).

I think the article
left the 100 off before
the 42 and 47.
So, in yucky, creepy news, a couple who met online at www.forgetdinner.co.uk (let's not even get into what that name might allude to), decided to meet in person.  They felt they had lots in common and were likely to be soul mates.  Well, it turned out they were brother and sister who had not seen each other in 30 years.  Luckily they found this out over dinner, not too much after.  Weird enough, yes?   I think what's weirder is the their picture.  They look like an old couple.  But no.  She is 42 and he is 47.  The years apart have not been good to them.  I do kind of like the picture because it makes it seem as though I look fabulous for my age (43).  I know I don't really, but next to her, I am a supermodel.

I think someone should slap
him every time he does that
because it's really gross.
I guess I was looking in the Freaks of Nature part of the news, because after the incest couple, I came across this guy with his feet on backwards.  It's a little bit of a scammy story because his feet aren't really on backwards.  But, he can turn them completely around and walk with them backwards.  He does have a son, so at least one woman must have thought that was a cool trick.  Personally, that would have been a last date show and tell.  He is going for the Guinness World Record for spinniest feet (or something like that).  If anyone turns out to be better at that trick, he will try for the record for furthest walking with your feet on backwards.

Also under Freaks of Nature News is that Lindsay Lohan (according to her mother) is going to legally drop Lohan and just be Lindsay (picture me rolling my eyes).  That sounds like pretty urgent business given everything else LiLo has going on.  Mom Dina said "me and Ali" are also dropping Lohan and are going to go back to Dina's maiden name "Sullivan."  Dina says they all want to distance themselves from dad Michael.  Michael reportedly knew nothing about it and said he couldn't imagine that any of them were actually changing their name.   Despite another effort, Lindsay still hasn't unseated Charlie for most crazy.  Keep trying though Lindsay, we're all rooting for you. 


  1. Dude with feet on backward is wrong on so many levels.

  2. Sue says....Of course someone would find him attractive..afterall, footloose and fancy free?

  3. I'm not even going to ask where you find this yucky stuff. Thanks (sort of) for sharing. Actually I think it is far more entertaining hearing this from you than finding it myself. I like your "spin" on things!

  4. Feet on backwards is disgusting/ wrong/ creepy.

    I find this stuff just floating around the news. I am troubled by "writers" and "news people" acting like it is just regular information and not even slightly odd. I share it with all of you so you can be incredulous with me at all the freaks just roaming around unsupervised. :)

  5. I think your mother should have a rebuttal page. That would be one you couldn't delete.
    Love, Mom

  6. if I don't share, it just rattles around in my head, making me agitated.

  7. Mom, I think you are perhaps having trouble focusing away from the one delete.

    And what is there to rebut here? You think the guy with the backwards feet ISN'T yucky?



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