Friday, March 18, 2011

Roses and Thorns

For those of you who don't know, Roses and Thorns is a game/activity where you go around and everyone says what their best thing and worst thing (hence the rose and thorn) of the day was.  Since none of you are here with me, I will take everyone's turn.  Also, I am not just going to talk about today, I am sharing as far back as I feel like.  So, it's not exactly the same game, but who are you to judge, you're not even here and it's my blog, I can play how I want. 

Never clean a coffe pot
again or drop grounds
all over the floor.
First rose is my Keurig machine.  I totally heart it.  I don't even really drink coffee, but now I do every morning just so I can use it.  It is super fun and cool.  You can buy lots of different kinds of coffee in cute little one-serving containers.  Husband was skeptical at first, but he thinks it's great too (he actually drinks coffee for real).  And, big giant plug for Keurig - if your machine breaks and you call them, they will replace it free of charge.  No clean up either - thumbs up.

First thorn is coffee breath.  Who knew?  And, if you didn't know, let me tell you, if you drink coffee in the morning, you are going to have coffee breath unless you brush your teeth or have some gum or something.  You might be thinking to yourself that I am not talking to you, but I am. 

Next up on the good side is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup.  It is great!  I have rosacea and my nose is usually red and I have to use concealer to make it look right.  With this, no concealer.  It also evens out your skin tone overall.  It doesn't feel like you are using makeup at all.  And, because it's Maybelline, it's pretty inexpensive.  You should run out and get some now because as soon as I like something it usually gets discontinued.

The bad side of this is the fact that I need foundation or concealer at all.  In my 20s I did not have red skin or fine lines or sun spots or that stupid crease between my eyebrows.  The whole thing is very insulting and unfair.  That is not to say that I actually always wear makeup, but on the days I don't I am usually asked if I am sick or I was crying or if I'm tired.  Yet another reason I need a whistle.

How happy are you to
find out your old boyfriend
looks like this?  Thank
you Facebook!
One of my favorite daily roses is Facebook (yes, thank God we are finally talking about it).  Every day, after everyone leaves, I get my (Keurig) cup of coffee and visit with my friends and see what's going on for the day.  In the beginning it was fun to find people you didn't even remember you knew and awesome to find old friends and catch up.  After a couple years now on Facebook, what I have is a carefully compiled group of smartasses who I can joke with and chat with any time I have few minutes during the day.  Kind of like hanging out with your friends in between classes. 

Another big plus of Facebook is you can see how fat or ugly (or bald) anyone you didn't like in high school has gotten.  It is great for self-esteem.  I could go on all day (we haven't even discussed the sad souls with underlying problems who "hate" Facebook without ever having gone on).

The Facebook thorn is that it does tend to suck you in and use up a lot of time.  For me that is a problem because it's not like the TV is going to watch itself.  I have so much stuff DVR'd that I will have to give up cooking for my family to catch up.  Oh wait...

The word "champ" is in the
 title.  It tells everyone what a
 winner I am for eating these.
New favorite product is Blue Bunny Mini Ice Cream cones.  They come in a few flavors, but I am totally loving the Birthday Cake one.  Vanilla ice cream, jimmies and blue icing in the center.  All on a tiny crunchy cone.  They are just miniature deliciousness.  And, because they are small, I can feel superior to other people who are eating big fattening ice cream cones.  I clearly have more will power and can be satisfied with a small dainty treat.  Eating two does not change that.  Each one counts as an individual good choice.

On the down side, even in the mini form, the universe has conspired against me to make these ice cream cones not as healthful as say, an apple.  That's a pretty big thorn.

Final good thing - pizza.  There is no downside.  Pizza is delicious and is a mental health food.


  1. I totally heart this blog.
    I have noticed the coffee breath thing, too. I find that to be your fault, actually. If you hadn't given me the Keurig, there would not have been a problem b/c the instant coffee from the microwave was not enticing enough to make every day.
    Speaking of dicontinued, the glasses you chose for me that everyone LOVES, were ruined when I tried to get hair dye off of the arm with nail polish remover. No biggie, just go to eyeglass store and order new arm. Easy, you say? Prada has DISCONTINUED that frame! The company no longer has the part. Now we must go to all the reps who ever put a pair in a store and find one! THORN!!!
    Anyhow, your mother loves you.

  2. I really enjoyed your blog! You know how much I love my keurig! I'm going to have to try those mini ice-cream cones! I thought that it was only my favorite items that get

  3. I also heart my Keurig! I even bought one for my mom for Christmas. And I have to repeat Ellen and say that I also thought it only my favorites that got taken off of the shelves! It never fails, as soon as I find something I love, they quit making it! Oh crap... now that we know that we all have this problem and we all heart our Keurigs, does that mean... *gasp* NO!! I will totally cry if they quit making K-cups!

  4. i don't like coffee but do love our keurig chocolate works just as well and i don't burn the pan of milk when i get distracted on facebook. totally understand the discontinued thing - poor terrie is out searching the streets for tutti fruitti eyeshadow for me. and can i just say how proud i am to be a part of your facebook club. xoxo bc

  5. Love the Keurig, have one at the office also...but I am curious which of your high schoolmates you didn't like and are hoping to see fat on FB??? You can tell me privately....maybe we agree...

  6. I will be extremely distressed if they stop making K-cups/Keurig. But, as long as pizza is always available, I will be able to get through.

    Um, BC, you know I love you to death, but I am beyond making fun of you that you "burn the pan of milk" when you are making hot chocolate. That's now a cup and a pan to clean. Swiss Miss my friend. xo

  7. Forget the coffee comments - you get 2 cool points for saying "jimmies" in your post! I grew up in South Jersey and now live in the Midwest and I have learned to blend in by saying "sprinkles". It's torture. Thanks for giving me a little taste of home this morning. :)Glad I stumbled upon your blog recently. I enjoy it!

  8. Thanks Dee! And, everyone knows "jimmies" is the right word. You probably know that it's a hoagie too, not a sub. :)

  9. Roses.. your blog. Always brilliant, always funny, always puts a big smile on my face..

    Thorns - miss you!


  10. We in CT do not call them hoagies or subs, we call them grinders. Though i have used all three variations because i am in the military and my family travels. :)

  11. Love this post! Although, I do have to say I am a coffee snob and will only drink fresh brewed coffee, unless I am desperate and sink to drinking the coffee at work.

    I really enjoy reading your mom's comments on your posts as well. They always bring a smile to my face.

  12. I do <3 your blog. Like you, I get my coffee after the rest of the household is successfully launched for the day and I sit down and read my favorite blogs (including this one!) and then check facebook before I get moving on the day.

  13. I don't have a Keurig but a Nespresso machine which also does single serve. Love it! Not sure I agree on the Facebook thing though, because I find that everyone has aged a hell of a lot better than me. A bitter pill!

  14. I never really drank coffee until we got the Keurig. Now I'm in the I heart my Keurig club, too. Oh, and didja' hear they're coming out with Dunkin' Donuts K-cups!?!?!?!


  15. Mommy 2.0 - here at DTC - we are all aging well/better than others. Please make a note

    Empress - that will be very excellent!

  16. I am told that if you add about 1 ounce of vodka to the coffee, you won't get that awful coffee breath.

    Cuz Sue

  17. I don't drink coffee and any time someone comes over I ask them if they want coffee and then hand them the filters and coffee to make it. Maybe I should get a Keurig and then I can make coffee. Of course, now it will be discontinued.....

  18. Drinking Keurig makes you younger and speeds you up enough to do FB and still get to the DVRs. It's all about time management. XO
    PS. Your mom is as much a part of my DTC reading experience as you are. Apple-Tree. Just sayin'. Can't wait for the third generation to join in someday.

  19. Keurig should put you on the payroll. And Maybelline. I'm running out now to pick some up, only 'cause your skin always looks fab.


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