Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovely and Not so Much

I was going to try to write an entire post filled with only lovely things that are going on.  We could all just sit and have a lovely cup of tea and a lovely cookie or two and bask in how lovely people can be.  How did that go?  Let's just say you are going to have to make do with half a post of lovely.  You can still have the tea and cookies however.


See, even her
 expression is lovely.

Elizabeth Taylor was lovely.  She was beautiful and talented.  Although her personal life was often publicized as scandalous or frivolous she always seemed very dignified and pleasant.  The article you can link to here was very nice and actually has a great quote from her that basically says that she didn't intend to have so much jewelry or so many husband, that life just happened to her, like it does to everyone else. 

That's it!  That's what makes Elizabeth Taylor special.  Her whole life was always in the news and commented on and much of what she did was considered scandalous at the time, but she still just kept being lovely.  She wasn't like Madonna or Lady Gaga.  She didn't have to wear bizarre clothes or keep finding new ways to be provocative or overtly sexual or outrageous.  People always wanted to know what she was up to just because she was Elizabeth Taylor.  Additionally, she was one of the first famous people to publicly support AIDS research/prevention, even when it wasn't very fashionable to do so.

I also want to give her a thumbs up for allowing us to see her age or look unwell.  While she may have had work done over the years (I don't know), I think you would be hard-put to say what it was.  Even as she aged and became ill, she still posed for photographs and didn't seem to make too much of a big deal that she didn't look like she used to.  Just like the rest of.  Very lovely.

She is very pretty,
but I miss "Jessie's"
curly hair.
Another lovely Elizabeth is Elizabeth Berkley.  Yes, Jessie from "Saved by the Bell."  The piece I read about her talks about her Ask Elizabeth workshops that are "two-hour interactive self-esteem based" workshops for teenage girls.  She started this in New York, on her own, almost 5 years ago and has essentially travelled anywhere they have asked her to come.  All on a volunteer basis.  When I read about her program I was really impressed.  She has spoken with over 30,000 girls.  She now has a book which is a "distillation of all the issues discussed in the workshops."  I am going to check it out for Girl. 

Oh, and PS, Elizabeth is totally up for a "Saved by the Bell" reunion on Jimmy Fallon.  Apparently Screech is a  hold-out.  Raise your hand if you don't need him and his porn tape at the reunion.

Not So Much

Our main focus in the less-than-lovely portion of the evening will be UFOs.  Yes, you read correctly.  The ever-popular mode of transportation for the alien set.  As I was looking around for loveliness to discuss with you I came across not one, but two current UFO articles.

Can anyone see into
one of those windows at the
top and let me know
if they see Louis or Sammy.

You may recall a little while ago I listed for you some Jewish people I didn't think were helping us any in regard to PR.  Well, it seems I forgot someone.  Sammy Hagar.  Yes, our friend Sam thinks that he "may have been abducted by ETs." He says that if he wasn't actually abducted then he was "manipulated in some way by a force not of this earth.  *Sigh* please stop talking.  And you know what, you look like Animal from the Muppets.  Not such a good look.

More alarming is the "Nation of Islam Looks to UFOs to Save the World" headline I came across.  I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.  How is it that with all that is controversial with Louis and his boys, this is the first I am hearing that one of the important aspects of NOI teachings involves how UFOs essentially built the world.  Based on the history of NOI given here, it seems like we have Scientology meets Black Panthers.

Also, I hadn't really given it much thought, but if pressed I would have said I thought Nation of Islam people were kind of like Muslims.  Not so much it turns out.  Nothing like Muslims.  Makes me wonder if the Islamic people are annoyed that the word Islam is in NOI's name.  They get enough bad press without anyone helping them.

So, in conclusion, our take-away for today is: If you have the name Elizabeth or drink tea, you are destined for loveliness.  Conversely, no one will think you are lovely, and definitely will not invite you for tea, if you think you were created/brought here/visited by UFOs.

Oh yeah - and clearly this was a very adult and educational conversation, touching on world news-like matters, so this is one of those times where smugness and condescension are warranted.


  1. Animal was one of my favorite muppets! Guess that says something about me... I'll be quiet now. :X

  2. I hadn't heard about Jessie's work. I'm going to check it out. Thanks!

  3. Fitting in somewhat with your not so lovely theme...did you see the story about Hugo Chavez saying that life on Mars was destroyed by capitalism? I didn't read the story, just saw the headline.
    I also thought NOI was a Muslim Faith group. I admit that I never really gave it a lot of thought either. I didn't realize they were quite that wacky.
    I swear I learn something new every day that I read your blog. Entertaining and Informative - great morning read!

  4. Oh, also, sorry to be such a correction hag, but I believe one makes DO with something rather that making DUE??? Am I wrong? Because yours is the second blog this morning where I have seen "make due" which I have never heard of before. But hey, maybe that is just another new thing for me to learn today from your blog?

  5. Dulcibella - you are absolutely correct! I am going right now to fix it! I must read my post 1000 times and every time I find something to correct I missed the time before.

    Attention all - if I have made a mistake - let me know. I hate grammar and spelling mistakes, yet make them all the time. :)


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