Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Concern of the Day - Episode 1

I haven't written anything new in forever.  Nothing has come to me.  So, for now I have decided to post mini-posts.  These are things that I feel compelled to discuss, but that are maybe too long for a status update on Facebook.  Feel free to comment or to suggest other pressing matters you feel need to be addressed.  Obviously, the people of the world are anxiously awaiting our thoughts on a variety of topics; one might say they are even looking for guidance from us.

So, this is what I am troubled by today (yesterday it was the disappointing non-deliciousness of root beer vodka) - Walk-in tub...sounds like a great idea.  But, it looks like you would have to get in, close door, then run the water.  That's a long time to sit there waiting to take a bath while the tub fills.  And then you have to wait until it is almost empty to get out.  This tub is aimed mostly at the elderly - I don't really think they have that kind of time to waste.  Also, what if you have to get out in a hurry, let's say to pee or get a snack?  There just seem to be so many things that the walk-in tub creators did not think of in regard to practicality.  I really don't understand why people everywhere to not run their ideas by me before the jump in all willy-nilly, wasting people's time and flooding their houses.

Sure, this guy looks relaxed now, but he doesn't
have to pee yet.

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