Friday, March 11, 2011

Odds and Ends (But Mostly Odd)

comes in a fireproof version
for the extremely afflicted.

I thought I would share some odds and ends with you today.  The first thing is related to my post from the other day that mentioned the woman who got all that money from McDonald's for being stupid.  The official cause was that their "too hot" coffee burned her, but whatever.  After giving it some thought, I decided that if people need to be constantly warned about everything (ice is slippery, coffee is hot) so that they don't get killed during the normal course of a day, then the businesses they frequent and people they encounter should be entitled to know who they are dealing with so they can safely get through their day.

I think that if you have ever sued anyone for essentially not knowing that you're stupid and/or incompetent, then you should have to wear the shirt pictured above.  It gives others a reasonable warning that dealing with you will be painful on many levels.

I told SB this is not a
daytime look. 13 year old wants to wear make-up.  Soccer Barbie (SB) has decided that she really cannot live one more minute if she is only allowed to wear make-up for special occasions.  She took no for an answer a couple times in the last few months, but can no longer stand the oppression.  This morning, at 7am, I was treated to a Power Point presentation of why she should be allowed to wear make-up to school.  Pictures of too much and the right amount were included (herself being used as the model).  Her main point seemed to be that she should be allowed because she really really wants to.  She also used the word "appropriate" about 50 times to describe the amount of make-up she would wear.

We have agreed to mascara and light gray eyeliner.  No eye shadow and nothing sparkly.  I have maintained the right to send her back upstairs to wash her face if I think it's too much.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Worse than his eyelids
 being tattooed is that his
teeth are bedazzled.

Tattoos on your face and neck.  You don't need them.  If you don't know why, I can't really help you.  But trust me, it's a bad idea.  While I am not a tattoo person at all, I have seen some beautiful tattoos.  None of these were on anyone's face or neck.  People, you are not human doodle pads.  Find a way to express yourself that doesn't cause you to look like an abandoned building a bunch of different people graffitied.

That was the Public Service Announcement for today.   If you re-post today's entry, you will be doing public service work/ a good deed and can brag about what a good citizen you are throughout the entire weekend.

Lastly, I just had to point out that things are still FUBAR over in Libya.  I had to search for that information because it is no longer a top story.  It was listed in "other headlines."  Randy Jackson telling an Idol hopeful that they have a natural talent was a top story.  That is not right.  France has gone so far as to support the rebels and promise to help defend the Libyan citizens (a nice surprise from France) and the US has suspended relations with the Libyan embassy in Washington.  That was minor news.  A deep fryer catching fire on Top Chef was bigger news.  I think the person who prioritizes internet news stories should be forced to wear one of the above t-shirts.


  1. I am so proud that you see the difference between real news and gossip. My work here is done.
    (I am also happy that you no longer have to type those stupid made-up words in order to comment.)

    Love, Mom

  2. Never thought you'd hear me say this .... not EVERYTHING needs to be bedazzled.
    Fair decision on SB's makeup plight. Well done.
    xoxo BC

  3. I have one tattoo... on the back of my neck where it can be hidden by my hair or a scarf or a high collar. I love the comment "like an abandoned building a bunch of different people graffitied" LOL

  4. Hahahahahha on the bedazzled teeth! And LOVED the "abandoned building a bunch of different people graffitied." Thanks for the amusement...

    My 10 yr old wants make-up, but the deal is not until she starts middle school (6th grade here) so we have some time. We are starting with mascara and lipgloss. I feel so hypocritical though telling her no when I am, putting it on with a trowel!!

  5. I totally agree that the person prioritizing the internet news needs one of your t-shirts! All tv news anchors need them as well!

  6. Actually, I used to feel the same way about you regarding the McDonald's coffee suit, until I studied it in a class. McDonald's was warned several times before and there had been other incidents and claims of people getting burned, so there was cause. I was corrected by the facts, and sadly, had to admit my initial opinion was wrong. However, I do feel that there is a certain ridiculous element to the fact that we are not allowed common sense.

  7. @Layne - while I will concede that perhaps McDonald's was rightly punished based on what you are telling me, I still think the lady who burned herself is not going to be asked to join Mensa any time soon.

    Also, and I know this is academic, why award that woman soooo much money? How about a more reasonable amount and then make McDonald's donate x number of dollars to charity (or some other way to punish McD's monetarily without sending the message that everyone should sue sue sue). Just a thought - not trying to be a rabble rouser.

  8. You don't need to try - you already are a rabble rouser. and, ps, we totally expect that behavior from you.


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