Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wait...What? I Don't Get It

Aside from the normal crazy that goes on, I have been noticing that things seem to be getting worse on the "blame the other guy" front.  Nothing seems to be anyone's own responsibility.   Adults seem to be acting like perpetual teens; always looking for the loophole of why it isn't "their fault."

I guess you can sue if you
spill coffee when you
tip the cup so you can
read the whole thing.
 I personally am still not over the lady (like a million years ago already) who got a boat load of money from McDonald's because she spilled their hot coffee on her lap and burned her legs.  Hello, you had hot coffee between your legs while you were in a moving car.  You know coffee is hot, try being careful.  I believe the final winning argument here was that it was "too" hot and there was no warning about that.

Now every place that has coffee to go has little warnings on their cups about hotness and being careful.  Are you kidding me?  If you do not know, on your own, without warnings, that coffee is hot, then you are probably someone who shouldn't be allowed to handle anything hot.  Or be out on your own for that matter.

Ice and snow.  People, when it's icy and snowy out, there is going to be ice and snow.  You have to be careful not to slip and fall on it.  If you do fall, please realize it's not necessarily anyone's fault.  Sometimes people fall on the ice.  Because it's icy.  That's why they call it that.  If the shopping center where you fell has shovelled and plowed, that's all they can do.  That cannot dry the ground or keep the wet ground from refreezing.  Pay attention to where you are walking and be careful.

Babies drinking isn't funny. 
 I don't think bars should
serve babies.
Drinking.  If you are drinking, don't drive.  It really should not be the bar's fault you got in a car accident because you were driving drunk.  Bars/restaurants are not supposed to serve you if you are visibly drunk.  "Visibly" is the key word here.  If I am naked dancing on the bar (don't worry, that will never happen due to my strict No Naked policy) the bartender can probably see I have had too much.  Absent that, the bartender has no idea how much you have had to drink or if you're drunk.  Don't be a jerk.  It's your job to monitor how much you drink and to find a way home if you shouldn't be driving.  It's also your job to know you shouldn't be driving. 

My buried annoyance about all this kind of stuff came to the surface as I was reading an article about Starbucks 40th anniversary.  It caught my eye because the title was Starbucks Turns 40 with Sugary "Petite" Treats.  It starts out by saying how (PS, make a note of this) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons this week, if you purchase a beverage, you will get one of their "petite" treats.  I am thinking that sounds great.  I don't really drink Starbucks coffee, but I can get an iced tea and a delicious free little dessert.  I read on to find out that the author of the article is admonishing Starbucks because they claim they are about a heart-healthy diet and these treats fall far out of that category.  She rambles on a lot more about it.

What?!?!?  All I was thinking when I read the first part was "why yes, thank you, I would like a free tasty petite sugary treat."  Next I thought "I don't really like the new logo they are about to start using."  At no point did I get indignant at Starbucks for trying to undermine my healthy eating goals. 

Who even thinks likes that?  Crazy/ disgruntled/ too-much-free-time people, that's who.  These people always have a lot of conspiracy theories too.  I think they are also the same people with a lot of cats and 37 years worth of newspapers they are using to build their case.

Talking about pan pizza makes
me wish I had some right now.

I want to go through my life drinking hot coffee and extra-tequila margaritas (not together), eating pan pizza and free desserts.  I am willing to accept the consequences.  I will tell you, I am already planning my lawsuit against whoever messes that up for me.  I have given fair (written) warning, so if they get sued, it's clearly their own fault.


  1. I agree with you 100%! My favorite one lately is the lady who is suing Nutella because it's not good for you. C'mon! It's sweet and chocolatey! How in the world could this have significant nutritional value?

  2. mmmm... pan pizza...
    Hang on while I wipe the drool off my chin. Okay, that's better. I was a waitress and bartender for a while, and I don't know what the laws are other places, but in Texas it's totally crazy. All bars/restaurants/liquor stores want the employees to be TABC certified so that any fines/legal actions will be against the employee and not the company. And here is an example straight from the TABC class...
    If a guy gets fired from his job, starts drinking, comes into your bar (or whatever) and you serve him, then he goes out and robs a bank or shoots up his boss' house, and kills someone, YOU can be held responsible because he maybe wouldn't have done it if you hadn't served him. WTF?

  3. I couldn't agree more with your observations. Personal accountability has fallen by the wayside. Own your decisions people!

  4. Very amusing and oh, so true. I mean your writing is amusing, not the fact that people are so stupid they need to be told their coffee is hot. And really, do not get me started on children's product warnings....

  5. Thank you!! This post is amazing! I've been thinking the same thing for years! Common sense is dead I tell you. This makes me sad.

  6. I think I burned the roof of my mouth on the hot pan pizza.. Can I sue you for not warning me?

  7. Hear, hear! This has been one of my pet peeves for YEARS. I remember, in school, when the lady with the coffee won her lawsuit. We all thought the court should have a wake-up slap to the head, followed by an education session for the lady on "hot" and "not hot". lol


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