Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mum's The Word

Remember, loose lips
sink ships.

There has been some buzz that the boy would not be happy if he knew about yesterday's post.  Here's the deal, if everyone keeps their pie hole shut, we won't have a problem.  Additionally, what does he even really have to complain about?  I didn't share any personal details and didn't put up a real picture of him (even though he looked really cute).   But still, sssshhhhh.  No need to make any unnecessary trouble around here.

In Not News, there was an article whose title was "Experts: Lindsay's Hard Partying Could Trigger a Relapse."  I'm thinking "good" she's trying to get her spot back from Charlie.  Not so much.  The article is a total bust; I can't believe someone got paid to write it.  "Hard Partying" could cause a relapse?  When I hear "hard partying" I assume we have already had a relapse.   So, first of all, it's a lame-o title.  Next, the hard partying mentioned is that LiLo has been seen at clubs all over the place at all hours.  Drinking bottled water.  What?  Staying up late and drinking water is going to cause a relapse?  Oh and she is kissing strange guys.  What I see here is not a relapse, but rather too much free time.  Whistle for boringness.

Swap the clipboard
for a tennis racquet

In my own little Ripley's Believe or Not news, every week when I take my tennis lesson, on the next court (which I can't see because there is a curtain) I am pretty sure Roz from Monsters, Inc. is playing tennis.  I can hear her talking, which is why I think it's her.  All I can picture is a blob/slug-like monster in a tennis skirt, sliding along with her racquet.  I know that sounds a little weird/unlikely, but it really sounds like her.  I am blaming the distraction for why my serve is not improving.  Feel free to stop by my lesson and give a listen if you are doubtful (then I can blame you for the distraction).

No face tattoos yet,
there might still
be hope.

Lemme see, what else.  Oh yeah, Chris Brown, just having completed his domestic violence counseling, freaked out, tore his shirt off and put his fist through a window in his dressing room after his Good Morning America appearance.  Seems that in response to interview questions about his assault on Rihanna he became enraged.  Word has it that this outburst may cost him a spot on Dancing with the Stars.  *Gasp*  Personally, I don't think the tattoos or blond hair is helping him any either.  And why do you think getting furious caused him to rip his shirt off?  Is he like the Hulk?

I am not sure if it is due to global warming or the earthquake/tsunami 1-2 punch in Japan, but it's supposed to SNOW here tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  The 4th day of spring.  I am refusing to acknowledge this is even a possibility because it is so unacceptable.  In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that some of our extreme weather was perhaps Mother Nature just showboating or that someone has really pissed her off.  I suggested that if you are the person littering or wasting electricy or not recycling, that you stop it.  Obviously, some people have not heeded my suggestions and now look what has happened.  I think we really need to ferret out the trouble-makers and "help them understand" the need to change their ways.  I am so not about snow in the spring.

Spring.  The season when my family wants me to cook outside on the grill.  As you know, I don't cook outside in weather.  So, really, if you are the joker who is making the problem, you are in essence responsible if my family starves.  Just so you know, that won't be good for your karma.

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  1. Strangely quiet over here today - perhaps everyone had a day like mine... I was so pleased to see you had posted - I needed a DTC fix. As for the snow - indeed, I was hoping we were done here too. Guess I should've figured, being f/ Erie, it'll probably still be snowing in April. I just thought with the flowers starting to bloom and all... yeah, I know, still in Erie.


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