Friday, August 1, 2014

Field Of Dreams

This is one of those posts that would really be a status update, but, you know, I got carried away and it was too long for a status update.  And, it's not like I could cut out any part of the conversation.  As an aside, this is why Twitter doesn't really work for me.  That and because only like 3 of my friends are on Twitter.

Let me get you up to speed.  On my status yesterday, I spoke of The Party and my conversation regarding foot races.  I also wanted to share with you our other conversation.  I think what you will see from both conversations is that The Party and I are very into health and physical fitness.  It's really our main focus in life.
I want you to get a feel for how I would
probably look running a race.

Anyhoo, moving along, besides discussing running, we were also discussing (while watching the Phillies) how cool it is that all the players are really good at sliding.  Like, they slide in super fast and just that quick, the end of their slide is right up onto their feet.  I told Party that even though I don't play baseball, I think I am going to learn how to do that.  He said that he did not think I could (author's note - Party, that is not very supportive of you).  He says I would hurt myself.

Me:  "But, I have a lot of padding."

Party:  "I don't think that will help you in this instance."

Me:  "I don't think you really know."

Looks and raised eyebrows are exchanged.

Me:  "Maybe I will go to Baseball Fantasy Camp.  I will tell them, 'look, there's no way I'm going to be able to hit any kind balls you're throwing that fast, and I can't really catch fly ball, I'm just here to learn sliding.'"

I didn't actually get the go-ahead to sign up for Fantasy Camp, but we did laugh about the Ryan Howard/ Jimmy Rollins Fantasy Camp video we had previously watched.  This is also why, when I go, I will sign myself up and not let Party be involved at all.

I will pretty much sign up for anything if they give
me a breakfast like this.
As an aside, this is the other reason I think I would really like hanging out with Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins.

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