Friday, March 25, 2011

Bingo. Not Just for the Elderly.

I know not all of you know me, but I imagine it might not come as a complete surprise to know that I love a microphone.  A microphone and whistle.  What more could a girl want?

OMG -these are bacon wrapped
mozzarella sticks.  Because
regular ones won't clog
your arteries quickly enough?
Anyhoo, the women's charity group to which I belong had a bingo fundraiser tonight and I got to be the bingo caller.  Yay me!  Make fun all you want of bingo, but we had a full house.  And not just old people either.  Also, pizza and mozzerella sticks were involved.  And cookies and brownies.  Starting to feel a little jealous, aren't you?

You might think using a microphone properly is no big deal, but you'd be wrong.  Some people make the mistake of yelling into the microphone.  This is actually a pet peeve of mine.  The whole point of the microphone is so that you don't have to yell.  Don't yell into the microphone!  It annoys people (I assume it's not just me). 

Thankfully, no one
was there wearing
socks and sandals.

You also might think playing bingo wouldn't require that much in the way of directions.  Again, you'd be wrong.  We used these reusable cards that had red plastic sliders over each number.  If your number is called, you slide the red cover over the number.  When the game is over you unslide them.  It seemed pretty simple to me.  I was told I would have to give directions because several people said, as they were handed their cards, that they didn't know what to do.  Really?   People also don't believe you when you tell them what to do.  I say "Regular bingo, which means, horitzonal, vertical or diagonal,"  "Can it be 4 corners?"  "No, just up and down, across or diagonal."  "Not a T."  "No.  "So no X, just regular?"  "Yes, just regular."

Despite evidence to the contrary,
I do think/talk about things
other than pizza.  But this
does look really good.

Again, I got to use the microphone so I really wasn't bothered by any of this.  Answering questions just gave me more opportunities.  I get to count this as a good deed because we raised a lot of money for charity. I get to feel good about myself and use a microphone and eat pizza and mozzarella sticks.  Perfect Day.


  1. I, for one, was so proud of your Bingo Caller-ing. I do find it funny, however, that you asked if everyone could hear you. You had the mic...and you are the person who was voted most likely to be shushed.
    Put me down for a lifetime membership in Hadassah. Let's make it a family deal. Nanny would be so kvelling!
    Love, Mom

  2. i am sure you did a lovely bingo calling .... maybe that is your "calling". but did you use a british accent??? also, how can you win anything if you are the bingo caller? i like to win sometimes (translation: all the time) =)
    great job ! xoxo bc

  3. You are a terrific bingo caller! You may have found your calling when you are officially retired! You can make the rounds to all the senior centers or work on a cruise ship! The only drawback is that you don't get a chance to win!

  4. Despite this post being all about bingo, I'm suddenly hungry. I think we may need pizza for dinner tonight (with mozzarella sticks)!

  5. There is a new cafe/hot dog stand that recently opened in our town. They have a sandwich board out front advertising bacon-wrapped hot dogs. It kind of grosses me out. Bingo actually sounds fun to me - I'm almost old enough to go out for Bingo night I'm afraid. And wear socks with my sandals too.
    And dontcha love how I made a bad spelling/word usage mistake in my comment yesterday while pointing out your mistake? oooops. :D

  6. Dulcibella, didn't notice your mistake! That's funny. Also, around here (which is not Texas), a hot dog with bacon and cheese is called a Texas Tommy.

    Mom on a Line - if you are having pizza and mozzarella sticks, please send me your address and tell me what time. :)


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