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What/Who is Donkeys To College?

So, as it turns out, I am something of a smartass.  I am well aware that not everyone thinks I am as funny as I do, or is amused by my observations.  I assume those people aren't hanging out here with us (they probably don't like fun the way that we do).

I decided that rather than let all my random thoughts and comments just rattle around my head (which would make me seem a little crazy), I would share them in hopes I could give someone else a laugh or a fun distraction.  Also, if I put all this stuff on paper, I seem quirky and creative and less crazy.  Right? Right?

"Donkeys to College" is part of phrase from a riddle/joke my mother used to use whenever I thought I was being funny, but was perhaps going a little over the line.  It got to the point where she only had to ask the question.  No response was needed.

You know why they don't send donkeys to college?

Because no one likes a smartass.   (bahahaha, get it)?!?!

(This should not be confused with the times I was actually fresh or rude - those were usually met with an evil glare and an invitation to spend the weekend in the house).

Also, I want to clarify that this all happened in the past.  I am an adult now and am bigger than my mother and can outrun her.

Original DTC

How will I know what's going on and who's who if I just starting reading?

In case you haven't been with us since the beginning, I thought it might be helpful to give you a little cheat sheet so you can play along.

and a big vodka
drink, please.
I am a ray of sunshine.  Always.  There is no need for you to get any kind of independent confirmation on this, just trust me.  Also, if you are looking for unsolicited helpful hints or a straight-forward assessment/interpretation of the most pressing and important news stories, you've come to the right place.  

We refer to him as "The Party."  He is a very big rule follower.  In a good way.  He has an excellent sense of humor, except for when rule breaking is going on.  He doesn't like that.  He's not so much for the rule bending either.  When I write about him, he pretends he doesn't think it's funny, but he does.  I am still waiting for him to thank me for immortalizing him in print.

These children aren't
shoving each other, so
it's not a realistic picture.
We like to call him Boy.  It's his blog name, but I call him it sometimes in real life too.  Boy is 17.  Overall, a good child, but he has become very teenager-y.  And not in a good way.  While I am glad he's a good student and was paying attention in history class, he has learned just enough to become a big giant itch.  Essentially, I am a fascist dictator and am mean like Hitler.  Further, he is enlisting the help of the ACLU to help him file for emancipation because I am hindering his 1st amendment right to free speech.

She is also known as Girl, or more usually, Soccer Barbie (SB).  She is 14.  We call her SB because she is tall, has long blonde(ish) hair, plays soccer and has tons of accessories to go with soccer as well as her other activities.  She too is generally a good child, but has the teenager thing working pretty full on.  We are more used to it with her, because she has been this way since she was four.

I have a whistle.  It is awesome.  I decided I needed it to whistle at people (friends, family, strangers) who are annoying, rude, ridiculous or slow moving.  Sometimes people need a whistle and a smack.  Some need to be stun gunned as well, but The Party is pretty steadfast in his refusal to let me get one.

I think this should get you up to speed enough to you can join in the fun.

I so appreciate your taking the time to read Donkeys to College and would love to hear your comments.  Please note though, that while you are welcome to disagree with me or any other commenter, I will remove any comments that are mean or insulting.  After all, we are here to visit and have fun.  Please ignore any comments from my mother saying that I regularly delete comments, I do not.  She sometimes just has computer difficulties.

Thanks!  Come back and visit soon!

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