Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Giant WTF

I had a bunch of thoughts I was trying to put together for today's post.  But, all I can really think about is that I must be living in some alternate reality.  I am hoping it's not just me, but there is a lot evidence piling up that suggests that I am misinterpreting the world around me and am not reacting appropriately to things.

I think there are a LOT of wack-a-doos out there, but those people seem to be going along with their business as if they are not absolutely bonkers.  There was a little incident before the weekend, then things just went downhill for me from there.  People are creating their own reality and are acting like they're not.  Like we don't get it.   Like we are the problem.

First disturbing matter:  Giuliana Rancic's Diet Tips.

For real, eat something.
Say who?  What am I talking about? Huh?  Stay with me.  So, Giuliana (entertainment correspondent/ married to bill Rancic who was the first Apprentice winner) is giving 11 "skinny snack" tips in an article about how she has to get Oscar-ready.  "Awards season means lots of running around and building an appetite.  Sadly, 'beefy cheesy nachos' are no-no."  Please look at the picture of her here to the right.  A plate of nachos would probably weigh more than she does.  Girlfriend needs to eat a sandwich.  Nowhere is it mentioned that G is already pretty petite and doesn't need to lose any weight for "awards season."

Ok, so I let that go.  Whatever.  Skinny famous person not eating and no one saying anything.   I guess not that odd.

Troubling matter #2: Gadhafi appears to be misreading people's response to his leadership.

Our friend Moammar perhaps is
suffering from having too
much self-esteem.
 Is he not reading the same news stories as I am?  Does he not have the internet or something?   Far as I can tell, the Libyans think he kinda sucks and is a crazy lunatic tyrant.  Those still loyal to him, as well as mercenaries he has hired, have been killing protesters (read people on the street).

In today's news Gadhafi said there are no anti-government protesters and that his people would die for him.  First of all, that is what he's getting from all that is going on around him?  That people love him?  Second, it doesn't count as people dying for you if you kill them yourself.  Just saying.

Hideous Disaster 3:  Charlie Sheen, the human train wreck.

Hope he never wants another
unsupervised visit with his kids.
 Um, I almost don't even know what to say.  On the planet where I live, if I had ongoing drug, alcohol, hooker, legal, and anger issues I would be worried about losing my job.  I would just try to lay low, show up to work and do my job.  Apparently, in Charlie Sheen's universe, that's not how it works.  Having production of his show halted after his radio rant did not cause him to become contrite, as it might have you or I. 

Oh no.  His response was to appear on TV and just keep going.  Aside from letting us know that now he won't go back for less than 3 million an episode (um dude, no one is trying to get you back), he has threatened to sue CBS for all they are putting him through.  What?!?!  And let me tell you, the Charles Manson crazy-eyes he's sporting are not helping things.  He looks awful.

When asked about his drug issues, Chuck said he didn't need rehab or 12-step programs.  On kicking his drug habit, he was quoted as saying "I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind."  He was also asked if he was crazy.  He said he was "grandiose."

Honestly, Charlie Sheen makes my head hurt.  He is certifiable, but seems to think that everyone else is the problem.  Let's also notice that no one is really telling him otherwise.  Interviewers just keep letting him go on and on.  I assume they think he's nuts, but no one will actually come right out and say it to him. 

This is the crux of what is troubling me.  Why is no one telling these people "You are a bat crap crazy lunatic."  I mean other people think it too, right?  It's not just me, is it??


  1. Tres amusant. It is you a little bit, though.

    Love, Mom

  2. I'm watching your protege', Jimmy Kimmel....and he just said...'Why is no one telling him that he's crazy?'. You are teaching him well! LOL! (I think Jimmy is reading your blog and using it as his stuff!) Oh, and Guilianna....she can't figure out why she can't get pregnant? Because 12 yr old boys don't ovulate!
    Thank you for this!!

  3. Said it before and I'll say it again... Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson should TOTALLY do a lecture circuit together! They could even invite Tom Cruise to show up as a guest sometimes. I suppose the only difference between batshit crazy and eccentric is the amount of money you have.

  4. Mo Ghadafi (looked like Harpo Marx in his younger days) is in his own world. His people do love and die for him. When people are questioned regarding their love for him (with a gun to their head), they say yes. Those that say no, die for him.

    Charlie Sheen is getting way too much attention for a lunatic. At least he is taking the focus off Lindsay Lohan.

  5. Ghadafi is moonbat crazy. How could he not notice that people cry when he talks to them?!?!?

    Charlie needs help. And by help I mean "lock him up and throw away the key" because anyone who uses the term grandiose to describe themselves and mean it NEEDS THE PADDED ROOM AND THE LONG-SLEEVED WHITE JACKET.


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