Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Will Never Guess What

Who doesn't love
someone who's
friends with Santa?
Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes.  And, just perhaps, the way she cooks is not the most healthy for anyone, let alone someone with Diabetes.  But, in Paula's defense, I remember reading an article about her where she basically says she knows her food is extra delicious and not particularly extra healthy (I am paraphrasing).

I honestly don't get the whole hoopla about her touting a Diabetes drug.  People are all sorts of worked up.  Although I am sure doctors prefer you to change your diet and take medication, not just eat what you want and take medication, Paula hasn't said one thing and done another.  It's not like she was telling you cooking how she does is good for you or saying you should eat healthy and then not doing it herself.  Once she decided to be the spokesmodel, she admitted she had the disease and did say that her way of cooking shouldn't be what you're eating every day.  If anything, she is the perfect example of how a poor diet will catch up with you.

On that same note, the drug company took a big risk picking her.  I am just wondering about the thought process.

Underling Pitch Guy:  Hey, how about we use Paula Dean as a rep for our Diabetes drug.
Boss:                        Um, isn't she overweight and not publicly watching what she eats?
UPG:                        Yup.
Boss:                        It doesn't seem like she exercises or tries to cook Diabetes-conscious foods.
UPG:                        Nope.  But, people really like her and she has nice hair.
Boss:                        That's true.

Anyone like to place a bet on how long before we see the "Paula Deen Cooking for Diabetes" cookbook on the shelves?  I am seeing a Mother's Day special edition.  I bet she and her sons will be on some Celebrity Fit Club or Celebrity Biggest Loser kind of show.  Oprah is definitely going to have a show where she has Paula as a guest.  Wait, she'll probably get the new, not that nice, but not too mean Rosie to do it and come on herself as well as a special guest offering to lend Paula her personal chef to help re-vamp all her delicious recipes.  Mark my words.

Also in celebrity Sort of News, Pat Sajak has admitted to hosting Wheel of Fortune drunk on occasion.  And he threw Vanna under the bus as well.  No wonder they don't let her turn letters any more.  He didn't actually say he was drunk, but he did say he and Vanna, on breaks between shows, would have 2 or 3 or 6 margaritas.  He doesn't recall much about those shows but says no one complained so they must have been okay.  How much do you wish you had a job that was so easy that you could do it drunk and no one would know the difference.  I am little bit jealous of Pat.  I am less jealous of Vanna because since they took away her actual letter-turning duty, she just looks silly running after the lit up letters and pointing.

I don't think the track suit is doing
anything for the rebel/dictator
thing Castro is going for.
Another thing going on you might not have guessed is that Fidel Castro thinks our Republican presidential hopefuls are in the greatest competition of "idiocy and ignorance" the world has ever seen.  He even says that he's serious (like we thought he was kidding).  I am not sure if it helps or hurts the Republicans that someone on the US crap list since 1959 thinks they suck.  Personally, it kind of tells me that if one of those guys turns out to be president, that maybe foreign leaders aren't going to be too impressed.  Just saying.

Here's one that you probably would have guessed.  Eating nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years could actually kill you.  Yes, it's true.  A 17 year old girl in Birmingham U.K. has finally realized that 15 years of eating nothing but nuggets might be "really bad" for her.  She seemed to realize it after she was recently rushed to the hospital from collapsing due to swollen veins in her tongue.  She also has anemia and breathing problems.  Now word on why her parents (or anyone) have let this go on all this time.  

The article says that one item only diets are bad, but uses as their example an experiment conducted by a professor of human nutrition.  This guy ate nothing but Twinkies for 10 weeks.  He lost 27 pounds and 5 points off his BMI.  Hello.  That sounds like a plan if you ask me.  My take away from all this is that all chicken nuggets is bad, but all Twinkies is healthful.

That thing looks like it's the
size of  a 3oz bathroom cup.
No Thank You.
OMG - you will totally never guess what I just found an ad for!!!  Before finishing up here, I was leafing through Redbook magazine, enjoying it as always.  I was minding my own business when wham I am hit with an ad for the DivaCup.  The ad invited me to "join women who have revolutionized their periods with the DivaCup."  Just look at that picture and you can see where this is going.  I really couldn't believe this was a real thing, but it is.  Further, and the part I think is kind of the yuckiest, it's reusable.  Just the thought of the many ways this whole thing could go wrong...my face has been all crunched up the entire time I am telling you about it.  

I really don't want to appear immature (appear is the key word) but this just has too big an "ick" factor for me.  Also, I really cannot take seriously anything that has the word "Diva" in the name.  As if getting your period is something only the most sophisticated and urbane of us deal with (I wish - I would totally be off the hook).

After this last item, I think we have played Guess What enough for one day.  I was going to tell you about my thoughts on mechanical pencils and pencils in general, but I think we will wait for the next time.


  1. I am flagging this post for it's offensive nature.

    You mentioned the Republican candidates, but there was not a single whistle or smack to be found!

    I'm so disappointed in you. ;)

  2. picture me with head hung in shame.

    I was so focused on the fact that people are writing about what Castro thinks (why?) that I forgot to get my whistle out. AND - if I am whistling and smacking - the inventor of the DivaCup is on my list.

  3. Yes, agreed. The Diva cup inventor definitely needs a whistle for the invention & a smack for the name.

  4. I think the most amazing part of the Paula Deen hoopla is that there was a news story that she was seen eating a cheeseburger on a cruise. Seriously? This is newsworthy? Can't the woman have a burger without issue?! Good thing I'm not famous. The photogs probably don't have enough disk space to catch all my action, right?

  5. Oh Oh Oh!!!! *waving hand maniacally* I want to know what you think about mechanical pencils et al....PLEASE!

    1. you will just have to wait. But don't get too excited - it relates to math, so you no I don't have anything nice to say.

  6. Ok, so I was morbidly curious and clicked that DivaCup link. I think I'm more disturbed that
    a) A mother/daughter duo created the company and the product, and
    b) There is actually DIVA WASH. You can use the wash for the product, and your 'diva body' for a 'clean diva feeling' all over! ICK!

    I don't get why a cook with diabetes is more noteworthy than a doc with diabetes. I mean really, who should know better what to eat and how? As if anyone REALLY has a say in or profound effect on, how their bodies age, adapt, process, etc. DM can be hereditary, and risk factors start accumulating in childhood, so it's unlikely that her current eating habits are to blame for her condition!

    1. I agree - I don't know why everyone is all over Paula. PLENTY of fat chefs out there.

      As for the Diva Cup - serves you right for looking. I told you it was very icky. :)

  7. Despite the horrible name the Diva Cup is actually amazing. Yes, the idea of it is totally icky but so is the alternative - pads that feel like diapers and tampons. It's also SO much cheaper ($40 and is good for 5-10 years versus $5-6 every month). It's the first thing I've used that doesn't make me feel like a slave to Aunt Flow. Just sayin'.

    1. I think it's the emptying out part and cleaning it that makes it seem too yucky for me. Obviously people use it or they wouldn't make them, so I might be missing something. Maybe they just need a better name and marketing?

  8. Thanks for the notice about Diva Cup. You should, however, warn readers that reviewing the ad may make them laugh out loud when they get to the part which tells you what size to purchase, (SIZE?!? hey, if men can claim size doesn't matter...) thus causing teen boys in the house to ask "what are you reading?" NOTHING.


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