Friday, May 13, 2011

Stream of Consciousness / Take That Blogger - I Saved It

Blogger was not working for the last day or so.  This meant that I couldn't write or edit anything and that none of you could comment.  Then, went it went back up, it neglected to re-post my last entry.  Luckily, I had saved it on my computer so I can re-post it myself.  Lesson learned here is that I should be saving all my posts onto my own computer in case there is some tragic Blogger implosion and everything disappears.  I hadn't even thought of it before.  Guess I am not quite as smart as I think I am.

For those of you who commented on this already, I am sorry to report Blogger took your comments as well.  Please feel free to re-post, I liked what you had written.  Also, for those of you who thought you were going to be reading a new post and are stuck with this...have like 4 or 5 drinks and then come back and read it.  It will seem new and exceptionally funny.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  DTC


I said a couple days ago we would discuss why Bristol Palin no longer looks like Bristol Palin. Having waited an extra day paid off, because now we have some additional information. I still am not sure exactly what happened to her, but I will try my best to explain.  Pictures ca me out of what appeared to be a slimmer, much different looking Bristol.  There were lots of comments to the effect that she lost so much weight that she was unrecognizable and that perhaps she had plastic surgery.  Some buzz about her more chiseled jaw line and higher cheekbones.

 Now add in today's information, where Bristol explains that she looks different because she had corrective jaw surgery.  This was medically necessary to realign her bite. She wants you to know this was not plastic surgery; she would never get plastic surgery unless she "got in an accident or something terrible and got disfigured."  I just want to throw in at this point that the person saying this is the same one who would never have sex before she was married.

 As you can see in the picture below (and please be wildly impressed that I created one picture out of two with the Snipping Tool that Totally Mental Mommy told me about) Bristol's cheekbones look the same, the bottom of her face is just longer, so they look higher. I still don't see how plain old regular bite realignment would make her face so much longer and thinner.  BTW, Bristol says she's only lost 5 pounds, which is really the same as none, so even weirder that her face is so much slimmer.  Please also note that while she is smiling in both pictures, her eyes and eyebrows no longer crinkle when she smiles.  She's kind of young for Botox, but...maybe.  I mean Botox isn't cosmetic surgery or anything.

Her eyebrows seem to have a new arch.
That's pretty impressive jaw surgery.

So, moving from one freak show to another, Bristol got me thinking that we have a lot people who are famous for being famous.  That is to say, they are famous for nothing.  They are just "regular" (I use that word loosely) people who happened to have found their way onto our radar and refused to leave.  Here is my list of people that I don't know why anyone cares one bit about and that I find to be irritating to boot:

As in crash your car into?
1. Bristol Palin

2. Anyone from The Jersey Shore

3. Anyone from Real Housewives of Anywhere

4. Paris Hilton

5. Kendra Wilkerson

6. All Kardashians

 There is a whistle/smack subcategory for the people in this group (there's a lot) who have written books.  Please help me understand why anyone would ask these people their thoughts, opinions or advice on anything?  They are usually in the midst of nonsense and drama, the only thing they are experts in is stupidness, and they are not particularly well-educated.  Why do people care what they think?

If those people get to say what they think of stuff, then I think we should too.  I mean, we are at least as smart as this crowd (we even know how to spell the word "smart").  Also, we don't need guest authors to help us write our opinions.

So, to that end, please feel free to offer your advice/opinions/thoughts below on the following matters:

1. What one article of clothing could you not live without? (pajama pants)

2. How would you get Donald Trump to embrace his hair reality and cut that crap off his

3. On a scale from 1-10 (10 is the most) how much do you want to smack a thin woman who
     says she loves to work out and sometimes forgets to eat? And again, from 1-10, how
     much self-control do you have to exercise to not accidentally trip said woman?

4. If you could only eat one food for a month, what would it be? (pizza)

This concludes our Donkey To College Should Be Better Medicated post for the day.


  1. You left Heidi Montag and Kate Gosselin off your list. Do you think Bristol Palin is trying to look like Snooki?

  2. Very true Hyped.

    And, OMG - you're right! Bristol DOES look a little Snooki-ish. But, she does look less cheap and over-tan.

  3. 1. Sweat pants (or anything that causes someone
    to say, "You look thin today.").

    2. He knows exactly how he looks. He only does
    it for the attention. Ignore him and he'll
    cut it.

    3. They also know how annoying it is to say
    that. Smack and walk away.

    4. Pizza or eggs...or ice cream (depends on the month).

    Where's the list you posted?

  4. Susan - my list of answers to the questions?

  5. 1) Pajama pants are my can't-live-without article, too.

    2) I'd do what my sister did to me when I was ten. I'd cut it while he was asleep.

    3)Urge to smack skinny bitch: 10
    Self control required to avoid tripping skinny b*tch: 3 (with my luck, she'd break MY ankle)
    Urge to force feed skinny b*tch a Big Mac meal, complete with chocolate milkshake and a fried Twinkie covered in chocolate? 15

    4)Chocolate. I can ALWAYS eat chocolate, which probably has a lot to do with my answer to #3.


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