Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deep and Meaningful

On the heels of yesterday’s post, it seems many of us have some question as to whether any end-of-world/Rapture scenarios would actually ever happen in the manner it’s been predicted.  Most people, of all religions, don’t seem to think the doomsday predictions even warrant discussion at all.  They have dismissed the whole thing as ridiculous.

But not everyone. Apparently, some people have spent quite a bit of time actually predicting what the housing market will look like should the Rapture occur.  This article goes so far as to analyze data to let us know how things would look. Are you kidding me?  Bizarre crap like this is what makes people believe the end of the world is actually on its way.

Besides the run on tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis of late, there have been quite a few other signs indicating the world is amiss.   I don’t know if they are harbingers of the world ending, but I don’t think they are signs that universal peace, love and friendship are on the way either.  Bottom line, people are freaks (not us though).

Here is some weird crap that is a sign of something.   I’m not sure a sign of what, but I think we should try to figure it out.  Think how popular we’d be if we discovered the meaning of life or at the very least the secret to making pizza calorie-free.

Things would have gone much
differently if people knew
Hitler was conferring with dogs.
1. I think the Hitler and the Nazis could have been thwarted from murdering millions of innocent people. Hitler believed dogs could be trained to read, write and speak. A Nazis specialist wrote a book which is said to have documented proof of dogs who could discuss complex math, religion and tell jokes. Hitler’s own dog purportedly could say “mein fuhror.” Don’t you think if people knew about this there is no way they would have let Hitler come to power?

2. Jack Sparrow Steven Tyler says he never wanted to be a judge on American Idol.  He’s got a boatload of money, why did he even agree then?  He said he thought the show was dumb in that these nobody’s couldn’t be “American Idols,” they hadn’t paid their dues.  I guess the opportunity to leer at young women was the draw.   He’s now a believer.   I’m sure we are supposed to learn a lesson from this.

Einstein's brain looks almost
as big as his whole head.  I
bet that's a sign of something.
3. Seems that people throughout time and around the world have been saving body parts of famous people.   If you read about it, you will see there is a very big yuck factor because the collectors are an odd bunch.   One doctor removed Einstein’s brain, without permission, then stole it and hid it and cut it up in a bunch of pieces.   That’s not normal.   Nor is removing and collecting Galileo’s fingers 100 years after he died.  You know there is a sign in here somewhere.   We just have to dig deep.

I am not sure if we are really supposed to try to figure out what the heck is up with this stuff or just accept that there are some bat crap crazy folks out there.   Perhaps it’s just God’s way of providing never-ending entertainment for us.


  1. Calorie free pizza might just be the secret of life!

  2. I don't think my dog tells jokes, but she sure does a lot of laughing at me.


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