Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think It All The Way Through Next Time

Forgive the formatting/ extra spaces problem.  Blogger is conspiring against me.  Pretend it doesn't bother you and you don't care and maybe Blogger will leave us alone.

I don't want to make fun of anyone who is truly a religious Christian and/or believed the Rapture was supposed to take place lat Saturday, but...I just don't think this group really sat down and thought out the logistics.  They got all crazy and erratic and started doing odd things in preparation.

Before I give my suggestions and things to consider for next time, let me just get everyone on the same page.  Here's where we are:

Please note there is a whole
church full of people still
sitting there.  That seems wrong.
Harold Camping said May 21st would be the Rapture and that all the good Christians would be going to Heaven.

I don't think two firemen are going
to be able to stop the whole
end of the world
The rest of us would be left here until October to suffer from disease, pestilence, mayhem and  general unpleasantness.

Many Christians, in preparation for the trip to Heaven, quit their jobs and sold their houses and generally rid themselves of worldly possession (personally, I would have gotten my hair and nails done if I was going to meet Jesus, not be worrying about my car, but that may likely be why I am not on the list of people going).

Some people became very worried that their pets would be left behind and ultimately suffer and be destroyed.  This was very upsetting and some people paid money to ensure their pets would be taken care of in their absence.

No one disappeared into heaven on May 21st.

A lot of people are now a little distressed and not real big fans of our friend Harold.

Harold says he must have just been a little off in predicting how things were supposed to go (ya think).  He now says the 21st was just a quiet invisible judgement day and the world will still be destroyed in October.  Also, if you didn't get on the list this last Saturday, stop trying, you're out of luck.

And just so you know, Harold did not sell any of his crap before last Saturday, figuring he'd need it all until he left.

Sooooooo , here is what I think people should have considered beforehand and what they might keep in mind for the future:

1.  There was no need to sell your stuff.  As long as you were here you needed it.  Any money
     you made from selling it would have been useless to you in Heaven.  Anything you donated
     was going to "bad" people who were getting destroyed anyway.

2.  I'm no expert, but I think it's your soul that goes to Heaven, not your whole body (just like
     when people die in regular circumstances), so the idea that people would be seen flying up 
     into heaven seems iffy.  Proof of the Rapture would more likely have been people falling 
     down dead all over the place as their souls left their bodies.

3.  Do you really think Jesus would harm your pets?  If God really thinks you are a good 
     person, would he let you worry and be upset about your pets?  Along that same vein, if it's
     evil that is being destroyed wouldn't it stand to reason that pets, other animals and 
     children all would get a pass into heaven?  (well, not all children)

4.  Those people that sold their stuff and gave away their pets really took a leap of faith that
     they were on the "going to Heaven" list.  Even if you think you are on the list, there's no 
     way to know for sure, so why not play it safe and hang on to what you need until you
     are 100% sure you don't need it?

5.  Camping's newest assertion that people were judged on the May 21st and have to wait for
     the world to be destroyed in October to go to Heaven kind of makes some problems.  Once
     again, you don't know if you are on the Heaven list.  And, apparently, if you are not, there
     is now nothing you can do about it, you've already been judged.  If that's true then what is 
     your motivation not to be a total jerk for the next 5 months and say and do whatever you 
     want?  Further, if the judgement is set, why should the "good" people continue to be good? 
     There's no extra bonus.  If you're going to Heaven, then you're going to heaven.  I don't 
     think they have room upgrades there or anything.

This is what you should be doing
until we see who's on the list.

Not to worry if the world doesn't end in October.  No need to be disappointed.  I am sure by then Harold will have worked out the kinks in the Bible math/interpretation thing he's working on and let everyone know what date he really meant to say.


  1. See, this is why I enjoy reading DTC. I would have really enjoyed having a conversation with you on this topic. But reading this is the next best thing! I tried to engage my husband in a conversation about many of these exact points and I was just annoying the cr@p out of him. He's all "it's too dumb to even discuss." I'm all "it is just fascinating and I wonder about all these details that no news article is giving me the answers to."

  2. Harold is a moron. Period. :-)

  3. As someone who has been criticized, yelled at, lectured to, and been called evil, I can tell you the believers do not believe children will go to heaven, unless of course the children were baptized and brought within the fold of the church. I've had friends threaten to take my children for the day and secretly have them baptized so they would be saved.

  4. 3. If you are that worried about your pet, why would you leave it in the hands some someone that's not good enough to be sent up to heaven with you? Don't you know all true psychopaths nurture their homicidal urges by starting small scale, with pets?!?!

  5. 1. The fact that we all have so much to discuss on this topic to figure out the details kind of illustrates that those who thought last Saturday was "it" didn't really think through all the questions people would have or in anyway work through all the logistics.

    2. Dulcibella, this type of conversation usually causes my husband to mention (again) that a blog would be a great forum for the discussion (meaning "Stop talking to me).

    3. Baptism - if you are baptized, then you're in - even if you are non church-going? What if you are a criminal? I could go on along these line...

    4. Empress - Exactly!! Better to let your pet fend for themselves.


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