Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Totally Cutting Edge

Do you all see the new banner?  Isn't it exciting?  Yes, I know lots of other people have banners on their blogs.  But are we concerned with other people right now?  No, we are not.  Also, if you come visit me on Facebook, you will see the darling button/logo that I now have.  I am just busting my way into the 21st century up in here.

Isn't PC's logo
super cute too?!

No, I did not finally figure out how to do any of this.  And no, I did not design this myself.  I did however tell my new BFF from Pregnant Chicken that the banner should say "Donkeys to College" and that it should have a donkey.  She didn't just come up with that on her own you know.  Kidding aside, PC spent a lot of time and did an awesome job with the new banner and logo and I love it.  It's definitely here to stay. 

I was, however, able to change the background and fonts and colors of stuff all on my own.  Let me know what you think.  At one point today I did change the post background to a calming, peaceful beige to match the other background.  I think it looked good, but it felt too quiet.  It seemed a little too spa-ish.  Like you guys would drop by here and expect a massage and some cucumber-infused water.  I'm not sure if that's us or not.  But, be on the look-out, I could still change it from white (I know, you're on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what I might do next). 

Some other stuff happened today besides my new blog look.  Weird, right?  Anyway, today's breaking news is that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a child 10 years ago with one of the members of his household staff.  He apparently told Maria after he left office in January.  Gotta tell you, I bet the "we still love each other very much" statement he was throwing around when they announced their split was not a two-way thing.  TMZ is now digging up evidence of other possible affairs in the past.  Why?  Does it actually matter?  He's a big ass.  We don't need further proof.  Whistle, smack and kick in the junk for The Terminator.

Do you think the no
penis thing helps or
hurts how his pants fit?
When I was looking up the Arnold stuff, I came across a Chaz Bono story.  Question for you?  What makes Chaz Bono a man?  He says he has undergone a sex change operation, but my understanding is that he only had his breasts removed.  The bottom half is still original manufacturer's parts.  Of course, he is also taking male hormones.  A woman who's had a double mastectomy and /or a hysterectomy is still a woman, so why is Chaz now a man?  He does not have a penis (and honestly, how do they even make one of those that would look real or work correctly)?  Is it just the hormones that make you a man? 

Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with him calling himself a man.  If he feels better this way, good for him.  I was just wondering why taking male hormones makes it okay for him to marry a woman?  This seems like one of those vague, loop-holey, slippery slope things that if I was homosexual I would be jumping all over to support my assertion that it's okay for homosexual people to marry each other.  I mean, you take a pill and that's enough for the same-sex marriage opponents?  And, if you were to stop taking the hormones after you got married, would that make your marriage void?

Yes Party, I DO think
she is looking at you.
As an aside, Chaz needs a make-over tout suite.  Maybe he could go on TLC's "What Not To Wear."  Oh my God, that would be excellent.  I would totally watch that.  And, just some trivia for you,  The Party totally digs Stacy London and thinks she would definitely be in to him if she knew him.  Just sharing.

I want to just take this last minute to remind you about how things work around here.  Since we discussed some very serious and thought-provoking matters, you are free, nay, encouraged, to act superior to your friends for the next day or so.  They should know what a deep thinker you are and how well-versed you are on important news and issues.


  1. I would LOVE to post your button, but God help me, I can't figure it out. I was trying to posy SRMM and Mom in a Million today, but it wouldn't work. I'm brand new to Blogger and having a tough time. And I'm an idiot.

  2. Good Lord! I thought the photo of Chaz Bono was Larry Flynt. Time to call it a day.

  3. Estrellita, it took me several months to figure out how to get SRMM and PC's buttons over there to the right. Just talk slowly and calmly to yourself while you're doing it. That helped me. Oh yeah - and a cocktail also helped. :)

  4. I heard on NPR this morning a guy (guest panel I guess) being asked if Arnold having an affair should change the way we look at him as a answers? "No he wasn't a great governor before he wouldn't be great after" and said something to the fact that we already knew he was a pig, so no one is really shocked;)

    as for Chaz? I don't know. It's a weird program to me. I don't feel like men are lining up to donate their penis's to women becoming men, so will he ever have the "right" parts?

  5. I just watched the Chaz documentary the other night. I've also known many people in the gay/lesbian/transgender community. Interesting stuff. He is choosing not to do the "bottom" surgery just yet because it's still extremely risky and the surgeons don't quite have all the kinks worked out just yet. The film showed him right after having his breasts removed and i hafta tell've never seen a person suddenly come to life like that. Physically, he is still female. But here's the thing: gender assignment and gender identity are not always the same thing. He was assigned to be female but he never identified himself as female. Sex and gender are not the same thing. Sex is how you're born, gender is how you feel. So referring to him as a "he" is simply a matter of respect for his identity and how he feels inside his own skin.

    I'll shut up now.

  6. I totally get that Katy, and am glad to call him a him/he - I was just pondering the larger question. No need to shut up on your part. :)

    Heather, I agree, there are proably not too many donation volunteers. And, I guess the woman becoming men and men becoming women can't just swap parts - though wouldn't that be handy.

  7. Hey I really like the new look! But just want you to know that I liked it fine before as well! It is a bit snazzier now.

  8. I'm loving the new banner. It looks so cool. Now where's my cucumber-infused water? ;)

  9. Thanks EM! I'll be working on the water. :)


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