Sunday, November 13, 2011

There Is A Slight Chance I Might Need Medication

There are some people who think there is perhaps a greater than slight chance, but whatever.  Those people do not have the je ne sais quoi that I do and are probably jealous.  Anyway, the reason I think I might need medication is that I am fairly certain my (self-diagnosed) OCD and ADD have both kicked up a notch.  Or two.  For one thing, I started this post about and hour and half ago and have only written one paragraph.  I keep getting distracted by Facebook and my phone and my kids.  And crap, I still didn't go downstairs to put laundry in the washer.  That's not really my fault though because I am not even supposed to be doing laundry.

You know how you can tell
this is a Starbucks in Paris?
Yeah, me either.
I will just change topics for a second and tell you that the reason I have to do laundry is that The Party is in Paris. As in France.  He's in Paris while I am here doing laundry and taking out trash (also not my job).  It's not exactly fun for him there - Party got to Paris last Sunday for work and in 7 days only got out of the conference room twice to eat in a restaurant.  Today his dinner was a ham sandwich from Starbucks.  Lest you wonder why somebody visiting France would go to Starbucks, you should know that this Starbucks is different from the ones at home because in this one a gypsy stole his phone.  So, not really the Paris trip a girl dreams of, but still, he's in Paris in a really nice hotel and I am doing laundry.  No thank you.

Anyhoo, back to my OCD and ADD.  The ADD keeps me from getting stuff done.  The OCD causes me to hyper-focus on what does not need to get done.  Like reading an entire series of 17 books.  In about a two week period.  In my own defense, I was late getting to the party and had to catch up and finish before the next book comes out in 9 days.  Also, they made a movie of the first book and I am all worried they will miscast it.

The beginning
of the end.
The way this all happened is, again, not my fault.  It's really one of you people's fault.  "Lisa" commented on a post where I recommended books and said she loved the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series. She said they were laugh out loud funny.  Okay, I love funny.  So, I check out said books at the book store.  The first book in the series is called One For The Money.  The blurb didn't excite me all that much, but I decided to take a chance.  I liked the book; parts were amusing.  I wouldn't say it was hysterical, but good characters and an easy relaxing read.  And I was kind of wishing I could meet this Stephanie Plum's boyfriend.  (Don't be worried, I know he's only pretend).

I read a couple other books before I got to number Two in the series.  And that's when the problem started.  I read Three and Four and couldn't stop.  I had to see what was happening with my "friends."  My mother purchased me Five through Fourteen at a used book store.  I barely left my sofa.  As I approached the end of Fourteen it looked like my family might again get a cooked meal (or at least their odds improved).  I was trying to read really slowly so I wouldn't have to say goodbye to my "friends."  And of course, Stephanie has a second guy in the picture who I also wanted to meet.  Sigh.

Only 216 hours until
the book comes out.
I'm not the only one
counting, right?
But wait!!!  After reading Fourteen, I went to Janet Evanovich's website.  Bingo!!  I wasn't aware, but there was a Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen!  Also,  a few Stephanie books she wrote in between the number ones. So, I read 15, 16 and 17 in three days.  And now I am sad for real because I have to wait for Eighteen to come out like everybody else.  Why should I have to wait?  I am a special fan.  I am more dedicated.  I totally want to be BFF's with Janet and discuss with her all of the characters and story lines.  

If you happen to know Janet Evanovich, don't tell her what I said because I think it will make me look too desperate and stalker-y and then she won't want to hang with me.  Just tell her I like her books.  Also, I think you all should read her books too. Then we could have a big book club meeting.  It would be totally fun. Maybe even Janet would come.  You don't know.  It could happen.

In closing, I am not sure if this is really a book recommendation post or glaring proof that I have inherited some of my parents' (yes, you too mother) obsessive tendencies.  On the plus side, I am not a danger to myself or others (well not others who aren't annoying) so when they finally take me to the Nervous Hospital, I will probably have a lot of freedom and won't be on the locked down ward.  Always good to look for the positive side of things.


  1. I'm totally skipping the movie. I mean, I love Debbie Reynolds, but she is *not* what I picture when I think of Grandma Mazur.

  2. No! She is too fancy. But, from the trailer, her parents look good. I haven't decided yet on the others.

  3. When you were talking about laundry and your husband in France in the same paragraph, the first thing that popped into my brain was that old lame ditty about France and underpants that you are probably too young (or classy) to be familiar with. So he's in France and you are washing sad for you.
    Anyway-who do we think would be a better Grandma Mazur? (I absolutely agree with TMM above.)

  4. I am so glad to know I'm not the only person who reads like that! Maybe we both need meds, but I don't get to read often because I get sucked in and can't stop. I've always been this bad with even horrible books.

  5. If it were twenty years earlier, I'd say Estelle Getty for Grandma Mazur. She's definitely more like the picture in my head.

  6. Dulcibella - I am neither too old nor too classy. Sad but true.

    Grandma Mazur - let's see...we need a tinier version of Vicky Lawrence as Mama.

    I am liking Sherry Sheppard as Lula. That'll work.

  7. Obsessive? Me? The devil I say! (All right, I have tried to get all of the Lee Child/Jack Reacher books, but I'm not paying $9.99 for the Kindle edition when I know they are out there in some used book store waiting for me for $3.99.)

    Perhaps we did you no favor getting you the Kindle. Now you can have instant gratification at less than the cost of paper books and with much less time and effort.

    I certainly hope my grands are not suffering b/c of your addiction. Don't make me call someone on you.

  8. ^Love the comment from your mom.

    I need to read the Evanovich books.

  9. I picture Cloris Leachman as grandma Mazur!

  10. Patti - I was totally thinking about her this morning. If she played the same grandmother she does on Raising Hope, but with being less senile, it would be perfect!

  11. Now I want to read those Evanovich books. And your Mom's comment was hilarious!!! :)

  12. I think it is totally not fair that the Party did not bring you, or anyone else you know with the same first name, or both of us, with him to Paris. Just wrong. Think of the fun we could have had in Paris while he is stuck in a conference room all day.
    P.S. I think your mom would be a perfect grandma Mazur, except you would have to wrinkle her up some.

  13. LOVE the Plum books! I work in a library, where I introduce women to Stephanie every chance I get. Last year we had a Plum Fun party on Stephanie's birthday, Oct. 12th. We dressed as book characters and had a cupcake contest, trivia quizzes, Joe vs. Ranger voting, etc. I, too, am counting down the hours until 18; usually the books come out in June, so about 3 hours after buying the newest edition I'm moaning about having to wait a whole year for the next! I'm so glad Janet decided to get this one out sooner.

    Betty White gets my vote for Grandma. At this point I'm just excited for the movie; I don't really care anymore about casting. I've been waiting ten years for this!

    Just found your blog a few days ago and I'm loving it! You've totally made my morning.

  14. JoyCarolin - thanks and welcome!

    Betty White is a good choice too.

    Plum Fun party sounds totally awesome! I say that despite the fact that it sounds exactly like the Twilight Edward/Jacob parties that I completely make fun of!! :)

  15. Thank you AK. I'll buy your boys dinner any time!
    (If you are who I think you are.)

  16. You're welcome, Susan!

    And thanks for buying the boys dinner way back when. I hope they, unlike their mother, thanked you in a timely fashion.

  17. If you loved the books, try listening to them on CD - so good.

  18. I love me some Janet Evanovich, too! I totally agree with Patti on Cloris Leachman being a better choice for Grandma Mazur. But I'll probably still see the movie, just out of curiosity.

    P.S. I've got dibs on Ranger!


  19. I might have to fight you for Ranger. :)

  20. I swear we have the same (OCD/ADD) brain, except that yours is wittier!

    I am the same way with book series (or whatever the plural of series is, which I am too lazy to look up). And my attention span is getting worse and worse -- just not for reading.

    On the bright side, it's not like we're obsessed this way about crystal meth or something! Books are a lovely, healthy obsession :) Although, if it were crystal meth instead, we'd be effortlessly skinny and our houses would be clean and everything would get done because we'd never sleep...
    Anyway, crap -- now I have 18 BOOKS to add to my Read Right Away list. So thanks for that! :P

    love, KMC xoxo

    PS. Susan, you crack me up :D

  21. So glad I could help. Also glad you did not give up after the 1st book. She is too funny for words. You have had me laughing out loud this morning, so therefore, you are on the same platform as Janet Evanovich in my eyes. I say we have a movie watching party when it comes out. I HAVE to see it!!!! I would have loved Queen Latifah as Lula and Sandra Bullock as Stephanie. As for Morelli and Ranger.. hmmm.. not even sure. The Rock is too bulky for either of them.. couldn't be so sneaky.

    Yes, you ALL need to get to those 18 books. If you can LISTEN to them, by all means do that.

    My ADD has kept me away from my work computer so I must go back there where I belong..


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