Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break and the Full Moon: A Tale of Woe

See - not really scary.
The moon looked pretty full tonight, but apparently, it's not really going to be until tomorrow.  Whatever.  My kids seem to be reacting to Full Moon Eve, and Full Moon Eve Eve.  Honestly, Spring Break started Friday afternoon and they have been ridiculous since then.

I don't want to bore you with the description of the weekend, you can use your imagination.  Suffice it to say that it defies explanation.  I think that's the problem.  These are two generally good children who just turn on you like rabid chihuahuas.  You know, they aren't really doing much harm, but I am stunned that they would, in a nasty fashion, try to act like they are the ones being bothered by US.  I mean, just like a chihuahua that would try to attack you, it can't win.  It should know it can't win, but it doesn't.

I know they are out
there lurking.

On to happier topics...last week was awesome!  Thanks to stark.raving.mad.mommy. I am feeling downright famous.  I was actually surprised not to be hounded by the paparazzi all weekend when I was out.  Seriously though, thanks to guest posting over there, I had lots and lots of new readers here and on Facebook.  Yay me!  Hopefully, now that you new people have joined us, you will want to stay.  My husband is slightly less thrilled since I spent most of the week asking him if he'd heard that I was an internet sensation.  I think he would be more impressed if "internet sensation" paid better.  But really, I think he is just jealous.

In other exciting news, Bobby Brown has reported that he is "off the heroin, the crack, the coke."  While that is super, I recall him saying, during the epically diasterous interview he and Whitney did a few years back, that he is bi-polar and basically self-medicates with marajuana.  No mention in the article how that was going.  But, just to know he's off the other stuff, I am sure, is a relief to us all.

Nothing says "sober" like
underpants you can take
home at the end of the night
in a special bag. 
David Arquette is also having a good weekend, he tweeted he was 100 days sober.  You should know he was being treated for alcohol abuse and depression, not hard drugs.  I mean, his people obviously don't want you to think he's Bobby Brown or anything.  And, not that I am not glad he's sober, but didn't Arquette insist he didn't have any substance abuse problems?  Guess he forgot.

There is a ton of other real news to report, but none of it good.  Libya is still a big disaster.  Gadhafi is not quite appreciating the situation.  He really cannot believe that the world is not supporting him.  I think he asked for a recount or something.  Yemen is no party either.  All these crazy leaders make our old friend Mubarak (you remember, he peacefully stepped down as despot of Egypt) seem civilized and someone you'd like to have over for tea.

With that kind of perspective in mind, my children seem slightly less troublesome.  The do not have substance abuse problems, they are not evil dictators (though I think they are working on some sort of coup here, but I have no proof yet), and they have not yet started howling at the moon.  But, it is only Full Moon Eve, so I will keep you posted.

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  1. I hope your children don't actually succeed in their coup. I'm afraid they won't let you blog any more. Good luck with the full moon tonight!


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