Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sports Savvy, That's Me.

I am not having a good sports day today.  I know when I say that it makes it sound like sports play a big role in my life.  They do not.  (But didn't that make me sound all sporty and exercisey)?  I don't mind playing sports, but as an adult there are not the same opportunities there were for me when I was 10 and went to camp.  As for watching sports; take it or leave it.  Mostly leave it.  If I watch a Phillies game, I don't usually tune in until like the 7th inning.  That's plenty of excitement for me.  For a playoff game, maybe the 6th inning.  With sports that are timed, I'm good for like the last 10 minutes or so.  That's "real" 10 minutes, not sports-clock 10 minutes, which is like an hour.

Mean Girl looked meaner
than this.  And she had
 real hands and feet.
Back to today...there was a mean girl at tennis.  And, before we go any further, I want to warn you that in telling you this story, I am letting you in on the fact that I am a very shallow and small person.  If you already suspected, keep reading; if you don't want to become disillusioned, perhaps go read something else.

Okay, so here's what happened...Tennis match today.  Low level women's team.  Obviously, we want to win, but the entire endeavor is mostly friendly and social.  There is no money winning going on.  No possible endorsement deals.  We are in a fenced in area that has 2 courts with no divider between the courts.  The matches start off with practice hitting around.  Mean Girl and her partner are playing on the court next to me.  Both my partner and I have to give Mean Girl back a ball or retrieve one from her court.  Same thing is going on the other side with our opponents and Mean Girl's opponents.  When all this is happening, we are all exchanging pleasantries and sorries, etc.  Except for Mean Girl.  She makes us go onto her court to get our ball.  She won't get it for us.  BUT, she won't come on our court to get hers.  She's waiting for us to get hers for her.  No smiling.  No thank yous.  Only mean face making.

After several exchanges, I tell my partner that I am going to tell Mean Girl she's a pill if she doesn't knock if off.  Then, and here's where it gets a little ugly, I point out (only to my partner/close friend) that Mean Girl is a little fat and her skirt is too short.  I have to let you know, I am not in any position to be pointing out anyone else's weight issues (skirt, yes), but I don't care, she was bitchy.  At one point during the match I see Mean Girl and her partner tapping racquets and praising one another for a good point.  I turn to my partner (who also saw and heard this) and make a mimic-y face that only she can see.  We chuckle.  Our next point starts and I promptly hit the ball into the net.  In my family, we call that a GP (God Punish).  A little while later I point out to my partner that Mean Girl has a rather unattractive sweat pattern on the back of her shirt.  Ha ha, stinks to be her.  We lost both sets.

So, now you know I am petty and not that good at tennis.  Well, I would have played better if I was not so distracted by other people's meanness.  I don't know why I cared that she was crabby and miserable or why I took it personally, but I did.  I consider it a win that I didn't actually say anything to her or in a voice loud enough for her to hear.

Oh, how darling that you
thought tonight's game was
for the actual Stanley Cup! 
What a hoot you are!
The other sports issue today was with the Flyers.  I was all pleased with myself that I knew it was the tie-breaking game 7 in the Stanley Cup playoff series.  Here's the thing, as I am watching the last 5 minutes or so of the game,  the announcer says something that clues me in to the fact that if the Flyers win (which they did) they don't win the Stanley Cup.  WHAT?!?!  I ask my husband to confirm.  He does, and he can't believe I didn't know that was only the FIRST series. I had thought it was odd there was only minor hype surrounding this game, but I just figured people were ready for hockey to be done, since it's the end of April.  Did you guys know there are TWO more series before the actual series to win the cup?  That is ridiculous.  The playoffs are longer than the whole season!

Since Husband was already troubled by my lack of hockey knowledge, I didn't mention the mean girl incident.  He will tell me I am the mean one for saying those things (what does he know, he wasn't even there).  So, just keep it under your chapeau.


  1. i don't know if i am more proud or more disappointed that you didn't tell meanie-bobeanie what you really thought. way to be mature and above all that! but darn, that would have been one hilarious story!! bc xoxo

  2. :-D

    Oh dear, I have that same personality flaw myself. No wonder I enjoy reading your newsy posts every day! I feel like I should be a nicer person, but I get very snarky and petty when people piss me off and after all these years I think I'll just go with that - if I try to be a nicer person it would just be phony anyway.

    I'm not very good at tennis, either.

  3. Love reading your views on life but must say I miss your Mom commenting the last few post. Is she ok?

  4. LOL - my mom is fine. She seems very busy lately (moved to a new fun house in a new fun development). She hasn't even been too Facebooky lately. I'll be sure to tell her her fans miss her. :)

  5. God bless you, you learned at the knee of the queen of petty. Be the best of whatever you are is what I'd say.
    You know you don't have a mean bone in your body, so if you said or did anything inappropriate, she earned it.
    In reference to sports in days gone by, there was no soccer in my day...or yours. There really wasn't even much tennis when I went to camp. Baseball, basketball, badminton, swimming.
    As far as watching sports, it's waaaay more fun to play than to watch. Let's get that basketball game together, Sistah. You, me, Eri, Toni, Veronica and Linda. Let's kick some a**!
    Love, Mom

  6. Your tennis story is hilarious! You're lucky she didn't beat you with her racquet!
    Your blog is really fun to read and I find myself laughing out loud. I think I also enjoy it since I can picture you in these situations!


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