Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stupid or Crazy: It's a Fine Line

Sometimes when I read things I am in awe.  I'm not sure if I am stunned because the people are that stupid or they are just crazy.  Or both.  Most of us go through life trying not to say or do anything that will be too embarrassing.  We actually make a concerted effort to do this.  Sadly friends, I think we may be wasting our time.  "Other people" do all sorts of crap and don't seem to even blink or notice that something is terribly wrong with their behavior. 

Here are a few things going on in the "news" today.  You can decide if those involved are stupid, crazy, or both.

In the words of Ed Lover,
"C'Mon Son!"

1.  Anthony Garcia, a gang member from East L.A., was caught and subsequently convicted of murder.  He was caught because he tattooed the entire murder scene/event onto his chest!   Uh huh.  He was that pleased with his handiwork.  In a show of family bonding, Garcia's mother and brother were just arrested, along with Garcia, and are being charged with conspiring to bring heroin and methamphetamines into jail for Garcia to sell. New definition of "winning."

2.  This is more inane than stupid, but there is actual time and money being wasted on this.  Two rival vintners are arguing over the use of the word "mommy" in their wine names.  One company has a wine called "Mommy's Time Out" and it thinks that the company who is calling their wine "Mommyjuice" is going to confuse consumers into thinking they are the same thing because they both use the word "mommy" in their name.  Whistle.  And smack.  Oh, and the labels look nothing alike.  I think our bigger concern here should be the need for so many kinds of wine for "mommy."

What the Trump-DeNiro
debate will likely
devolve into.

3.  Remember when Donald Trump got into with Rosie O'Donnell a few years back?  Remember how the most clever thing he could come up with was to call her fat?  Now he has moved to calling Robert DeNiro stupid.  DeNiro (PS, I can never keep DeNiro and Al Pacino straight in my head) didn't name names but said what some of the possible presidential candidates were doing was crazy.  He basically went on to further criticize Trump without actually saying his name.  Trump fired back by saying DeNiro wasn't "The brightest bulb on the planet" and said "we're not dealing with Albert Einstein."  Glad to see we will have stimulating discourse to look forward to should Trump ever be involved in a round of presidential debates.

4.  Tracy Morgan is purportedly being interviewed about "30 Rock" and Alec Baldwin in this piece, but he kind of rambles and I am not exactly sure what our take-away is supposed to be.  I'm thinking we don't have to vote on this one; it can go right into the crazy column.  Twice he is quoted as saying you should have kids young like he did, but I can't imagine "have a kid at 16" is really what this interview was supposed to be about. 

5.  I just found this, mid-writing, and had to share - Jim McGreevey, former New Jersey govenor, was denied Priesthood by the Episcopal Church.  Huh!!  Really?  I can't imagine why.  Let me just say, being gay is not the issue here at all.  You can go read this if you want, but I just couldn't imagine the gall of him trying to be a priest nor announcing to the media he'd been turned down (you know the church wasn't calling the newspaper).  Yeah, I think we need another whistle.

I guess he tamed his hair a little
here so attention would not be
diverted from his special jacket.

6.  Don King is selling his Florida property.  One property, two mansions.  I don't know why.  Here is the link so you can go see.  You will actually not believe this is his house because it is more tasteful than you would ever expect.  Look at this picture.  The man has perpetually scared hair and is wearing a jacket with his own likeness on it.  Again, I don't know why.  Aside from being one of the biggest boxing promoters ever, King apparently used to be a bookie and was found guilty of killing two people on two separate occasions.  Charming.

That concludes this evening's episode of Crazy, Stupid or Both.  Please remember to tip your waitresses and drive home safely.


  1. quick note:
    If you have not seen it, get Don King: Only In America. Ving Rhames plays Don King and it is abso-frickin-lutely hilarious!!!

  2. "I think our bigger concern here should be the need for so many kinds of wine for 'mommy.' "

    I am laughing. At 7:20 AM. Yet it is actually a little sad as well. No need to fight, there is plenty of room on the shelf for a variety of wines for mommies.


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