Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where Is My Whistle? A Very Special Passover Episode.

There seems to be a lot of ridiculous going on.  Which in the spirit of Passover, I would say "Why is this night different from all other nights?"  Of course, in this case it's not.  After two seders and quite a bit of matzah, I am a little crabby and don't have any patience for nonsense.  Yes I do usually have patience.  You don't know.  You're not here.

I am starting a new annual Passover Tradition.   During Passover I will call out anyone who catches my attention as being a obnoxious or a hideous attention-monger.  Luckily, because it's holiday, I will focus my attention on those in the public eye, saving those close to me from being outted (that's how sunshine-y I am).  Here we go.

1.  Is the Monkees Reunion Tour "Doomed Before It's Begun?"  The answer is YES!  PopEater reported that the 3 getting ready to tour (Michael Nesmith obviously still has some pride) have been bickering and fighting already.  Who cares?  They were not even a real band the first time they were together.  They were a pretend band for TV.  Didn't anyone tell them that?

I never noticed before,
but I think Nic had
a nose job.
2.  Nicolas Cage's whole rebel without a clue/angry young man routine is way old.  He was arrested for domestic violence and for disorderly conduct.  The latter charge was a result of an allegedly drunk Cage taunting police and daring them to arrest him when a cabbie called police after seeing Cage argue with and then push his wife.  What an ass.  He also named his kid Kal-El, which is just mean.

3.  A kindergartner brought a gun to school in Texas yesterday. He and two others were injured when the gun fell out of his pocket and fired into the ground.  Thankfully, none of the injuries were serious.  Parents felt the school handled things well in the aftermath, but think there needs to be more security or metal detectors.  NO!  They don't need metal detectors, they need to kick the crap out the kid's parents.  A 5-year-old with a gun is about 1% the kid's fault and 99% abysmal parental supervision.

Is that thing on her head
supposed to be a tiara or a
 piece of tin foil?  Either way,
why is she wearing it?

4.    Jill Zarin from "Real Housewives of New York," denies having plastic surgery.  She says her appearance is due to 10 years worth of Botox in her forehead as well as her "liquid face-lift" which is pulling the facial skin taught and injecting Botox into the neck for a tightening and lifting effect.  First of all, WHAT?  And, second, did anyone besides her bitchy, catty co-stars care or ask about it?

5.  I am just giving you the introduction for this upcoming smackdown.  I am not even going to give you my opinion.  You can file this under "Oh no he didn't!"  Tyler Perry is quoted as saying "Spike Lee needs to shut the hell up."  The article has excerpts of Perry's tirade against Lee's for constantly making critical comments about Perry's work.  There is sure to be a scathing rejoinder, no doubt.  Can't wait.


  1. Wait WHAT?? A FIVE YEAR OLD with WHAT?? Y'know, I'm all for the right to bare arms, but seriously people. Have some common sense in regards to safety!! This parent needs more than a whistle they need... I don't know. But wow.

  2. Kid with gun: It happens a lot more than you realize. And not just here in Texas. DTC is right, it is totally the parents fault. There are laws about leaving weapons where children can get to them. I guarantee that this kid's parents will spend time in jail over this.
    Monkees: I *heart* The Monkees. I loved watching those shows when I was a kid. But you're right. Fake band. Tour totally doomed. It's okay. They should quit now so that we can remember them in a good way.


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