Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do You Have Japan's Phone Number?

FYI - fish should only
have two eyes.
Um hello, Japan?  Is that you?  Yeah, it's the rest of us and we are just calling to say that we think it would be swell if you could quit dumping radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.  Yes, we understand that the 3 million plus gallons of water you are dumping is less radioactive than the more radioactive water you are making room for, but still...

The article I read said  "radioactivity is quickly diluted in the ocean, and government officials said the dump should not affect the safety of seafood in the area."  Really?  Really?  I don't know about the rest of you all, but I am not going to be in any big hurry to eat seafood from anywhere near Japan.  The "less" radioactive water is still 500 times the legal limit for radiation.  How quickly could it possibly dilute so that it is harmless?  I didn't get a sense from the article that anyone (besides me) is alarmed by this.  Where are all the save-the-ocean people and Greenpeace and Angelina Jolie?  I want the Japanese people to be safe and get all the help they need, but this just does not seem like a very good plan.

Narcissists like attention. 
Ignoring them
is their cryptonite.

Onto less toxic news (get it - bahahahaha) but nevertheless troubling; not only are beautiful and rich people better than us, as we discussed a few days ago, but apparently so are narcissistic people.  In Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists the author basically tells us that narcissists are the way they are because they think they are better than the rest of us.  Further, they know other people think they are arrogant jerks, but don't care, because they still think they are awesome and the rest of us are just jealous.  Also, they know the longer you know them, the less you will like them.  Rather than change, however, they just move on to the next relationship.

My take away here is that while beautiful and rich people may fall upon misfortune and be relegated to the lowly levels the rest of us inhabit, the narcissist is so delusional that nothing can make him unhappy or shake his confidence.  So, for those of us with one of these charmers in our life, we are dealing with someone who has a terminal case of Pain In The Ass.  Awesome.

In a completely unrelated sharing topic for which I have no segue, I must tell you what happened at the market the other day (for what must be the 100th time).  You already know that I often have trouble at the market when I go during the day, and this was no exception.  To pay for my stuff, I swipe my ATM card ( I was gonna say MAC card, but I know half of you won't know what I mean. *sigh*) and it asks do I want cash back.  Yes please I tell it and ask for $200.  It says okay and then notifies the cashier to give me my money.   

Allowing cash back wasn't my
idea, so quit giving me crap.
 "Oh Hon, I don't have that much in my register," she says with DISDAIN and a face.  Usually, if this happens I am all nice and apologize like it's my fault that, unlike the register at the drug store, her register doesn't let me know there isn't money available for cash back.  This time I very nicely said, with a smile, "How would I have possibly known that?" What does she think I can do about it?  She can call for change or she can figure out how to void the transaction.  Am I going to just say "oh well" and leave?  She just stared at me and sighed and rummaged through her drawer and gave me $200 in fives and tens.  I guess you DID have it, didn't you?

I think you know that she did not thank me for bagging nor tell me to have a nice day.  Not as rude as dumping poison in the ocean, but still a little rude. 


  1. That's one of the reasons I *love* shopping at Kroger's. They have the self checkout lanes and the computer never gets snarky with me. It just spits out my change. And it's actually programmed to tell me "thank you" and "have a nice day" in a pleasant voice.

  2. Gosh, not sure I know any narcissists. Oh wait... yes, I do. And, ps., spot on!!
    Love, Amy a/k/a Anonymous 'cause I still can't figure out the whole profile thing (I'm over 50. Give me a break).

  3. Dear AKA, I am very patient with the over 50 set, no worries. xo

  4. Yes, Mrs. Donkey is extremely patient (mostly) with the age-impaired.
    Forget the market (grocery store?), Sears has some SLOW people working there. I actually was asked to pay $16.20 for a $14.50 shirt that was ON SALE for 25% off!!
    Please do NOT eat any seafood.
    Your mother loves you.


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