Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Not Just Me, Right?

Okay, so normally I don't post Friday through Sunday, but I cannot get over the article that Pregnant Chicken posted yesterday.  It's stunning.  On so many levels.  I think my thoughts on what's wrong with it will probably be longer than the actual article.  Still, I have to share so you can all jump in and agree that Prince Federic von A**hole Anhault is bat crap crazy.

And, just to clarify, Pregnant Chicken did not write the article, she just posted it because she too was disturbed.  Pregnant Chicken is actually awesome.  You should go check out her blog.  Even if, like me, you are thrilled every day to wake up and not be pregnant, her blog has lots of interesting stuff on it that I think anyone would like.  Go have a look-see.

Anyhoo, so about the article ... "Zsa Zsa Gabor to Become a Mother at 94, husband says."  As you can see from the picture, Zsa Zsa not only doesn't look like the glamorous woman we think of when we hear her name, she also hardly looks like someone who's in any shape to be a mother to a new baby.  PS, neither does her 67-year-old husband.

According to Prince Frederic von Anhaut, who is Zsa Zsa's 9th husband (omg - I think we all know one, perhaps two, is plenty), things are already in the works to find an egg donor and a gestational surrogate.  His reasoning is that if Zsa Zsa dies before him, he will have nothing to live for.  Also, he says Zsa Zsa talked about having another child 25 years ago when they first married and again in recent months.  Part of their desire to have a child is so the Gabor name will be carried on.

From that 4 sentence summary I have a list of about 150 things that are so very wrong.  Feel free to go read the article and let us know if there is anything to add, or if you found anything NOT troubling in the article.

I actually think Zsa Zsa doesn't look too bad
 for a 94-year-old who is at death's door.

1.  Last I heard, Zsa Zsa refused to have her other leg amputated (or another surgery on the one already removed, I forget which) which was to be done to try to keep her alive.  She was sent home from the hospital in poor health.  I can't imagine having a new baby is what she's been focused on. 

2.  Frederic (who always makes sure to use the "Prince") is only a prince because he was adopted, as an adult, by a German woman.  He has no money and is said to be in debt caring for Zsa Zsa.  How's he paying for this nonsense then?

3.  How will a new baby help carry on the Gabor name?  Wouldn't it help carry on the von A**hole Anhault name?  Further, this baby would not even be biologically a "Gabor."  And while I believe 100% that once you adopt a baby (which Zsa Zsa would have to do to make it "hers") it's just as much "yours" as if you gave birth to it, this just seems liked flawed logic in the "carrying on a name" department.

4.  I don't believe for one second that Zsa Zsa wanted a new baby 25 years ago or at any time since then.  Her daughter was shocked and quoted as saying "That's just weird."

5. What egg donor or gestational surrogate would want any parts of this?  What doctor would agree to be involved?  Well, I guess if the Octomom doctor isn't in jail or practicing medicine illegally in Mexico, he'd probably be on board.

6.  Rather than worry about what he'll do when Zsa Zsa dies and he has nothing to live for, why doesn't Frederic work on spending quality time with his wife rather than spend time working on the baby plan?  In the future, should he find himself alone, perhaps he could get a girlfriend or a pet.

7.  It was mentioned that Zsa Zsa's only child (from 2nd husband Conrad Hilton), Francesca Hilton doesn't use the Gabor name.  Um, isn't that because the way things generally work here in the US is that kids use their father's name?

In conclusion, I think we can see two things.  One is that I might have too much free time and need some type of medication.  The second is that von Anhault, who has no money, is looking for a get-rich-quick plan.  If nothing else, having Zsa Zsa "adopt" a baby that is biologically his would probably up his chances of inheriting, even if indirectly, when she passes away.  He is extremely yucky.


  1. 1.) He is totally a Von A**hole.

    2.) I wouldn't be surprised if he drummed this whole thing up and there are no medical "professionals" even involved.

    3.) I can't decide if I am more disgusted in him or the fact that CNN deemed it as news. I think I'll choose him because I deemed it news enough to post on Facebook although, I already know I'm disgusting.

    4.) I too wake up everyday thankful that I'm not pregnant even though I love pregnant ladies and babies.

    5.) You are too kind and you really have to let me fix your damn masthead and logo -- it makes my ass itch.

  2. I had to google her, I thought she was dead. Will check again tomorrow. Lifestyles of the rich and really weird. It'll never happen.

  3. One question: How do you know so much about Zsa Zsa Gabor? Seriously didn't know she was still alive. Hadn't heard about her legs or lack thereof.

  4. Amy - I guess I am disgusting too because not only did I post it, I summarized and commented on it. Also a big fan of babies, just so long as any future ones are not mine. Will inbox you about logo and masthead. It doesn't make my ass itch (thank God) but I am in desperate need of help. :)

    Yes, Zsa Zsa is currently alive.

    I know so much about her because, as I mentioned, I clearly have too much free time. Why do what I have to do around here when I can obsess over the lifestyles of the rich and creepy? :)

  5. Creepy doesn't begin to cover it. Just wrong on so many levels. When I am 94, if my husband of 67 (btw, that won't happen either) tells me I'm going to have a baby, I will most certainly have to shoot him. Prison would be a much better option at 94.

  6. Hahaha Anonymous Amy I am with you on that. Poor Zsa Zsa. I really feel sorry for her. Maybe we should send her a lawyer so she can get a divorce?Thank you for sharing that information DTC. I can always count on you to keep me up to date on the important stories of our time! Actually your masthead doesn't bother me a bit but that story made my ass itch...

  7. A lawyer is a great idea, D. And where the hell is her daughter in all this?
    ps. Can't see what it is about the masthead that creates the itches. Looks fine to me.

  8. thanks all - but the masthead needs some pizzazz or at the very least a logo or something. (I do like the font). I also need a little logo you will see instead of the Blogger logo.

    as for poor Amy of "famed" I hope the ass itching has not become to distracting. :)

  9. ha! I don't know that the masthead makes my ass itch, but it definitely could use some work - esp now that you are an "internet sensation" ;-)


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