Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer is Here

There should be $ in the
middle to warn you.
As far as I am concerned, summer is, as of Saturday, officially here.  School ended about a week ago, so we had a week of not-school/not-summer.  I say this because regular activities were over but summer activities hadn't started yet.  You wouldn't think so, but this is a very expensive week.  I inevitably spend a ton of money entertaining the troops and buying last minute things for camp.  As my friend Kim says, Target is the $100 Store (unlike its cheaper and more boring cousin, the Dollar Store).

The reason I say Saturday was the start is that Saturday is when SB left for overnight camp.  This is her 6th year and she goes for 7 weeks.  Those who are unfamiliar with/didn't go to/hated overnight camp are usually stunned/appalled that I would send a child away for that long.  Poor Party had never even imagined overnight camp (or day camp for that matter) until he met me and moved to the area where I grew up.  Here, lots of people go to either day or overnight camp and it's totally non-noteworthy.

This picture is an
understatement of
what packing for camp
is like. Way Under.

That said, The Party and I both miss SB a really lot.  Party, however, is a little bitter and blames "me" for sending away his daughter to "that place."  He ignores that he agreed with the decision and that she LOVES camp and that the girls all call each other "summer sisters."  How sweet is that?  "Whatever, you're stupid" is usually the response.  As you know, this is our default conversation and I reply with "No, you're stupid."  I sometimes throw in "and annoying" just to mix it up a little.

On Monday Boy will start his summer activity, which is day camp.  He has gone to the same camp since he was 6 and is now a junior counselor.  This bit of awesomeness means instead of me paying a boatload of money to send him to camp, they pay him!  I am using the word "pay" loosely as I believe it breaks down to like 16 cents an hour - but still, doesn't cost me money, so it's a win.  I will take this time now to point out to you that the child who thinks I am "mean like Hitler" and wants to file to become emancipated, has never wanted to leave to go to overnight camp.

So, starting tomorrow, I don't have to get up at 6:15am, I don't have to make any lunches and I don't have to drive anyone anywhere all day.  As fate would have it, people still are insisting on dinner of some nature, so there's still that, but I guess I'll be able to manage.

In the world outside my house, I did find out (thank you Linda) that both Kathleen Madigan and Wanda Sykes will be coming to the Keswick Theatre (not at the same time).  So, if you live in the Philadelphia area, you can check out the web site.  Some other good stuff is there as well.  And, since I am getting old, I will tell you that while the Keswick has too small squishy seats, the fact that it's a smaller venue is a big draw for me.  Seeing a show/concert there is not the giant production it is like when we go to the Wachovia Center or Citizen's Bank Park.  Also, parking is way less of a hassle.  Ugh.  The only thing left is for me to start going to places only when it's light out.  I guess we are starting to see why the elderly are big fans of the 4:30pm early bird dinner.

Black is the dress-up version.
Don't be embarrassed, we ALL
have a relative who wears
these.  Don't lie, you do too.

Oh wait, I don't wear white elastic waistband polyester pants(flood length) with white velcro sneaks/shoes, so I think I'm still good.  Since we are on this topic, I will tell you/warn you that I am relatively certain that in order to collect Social Security you have to prove you own a pair of velcro shoes.  Don't believe me?  Walk yourself into ANY senior citizen independent/assisted living facility and let me know the number of non-velcro shoe wearers you find.  Maybe a few independently wealthy people, but that's it.


  1. I have thought of some more (inappropriately funny) things. I would go back to the post, but it is 2 am here, and I am lazy.
    1: I used to have a t-shirt that said "titanic swim team 1912." not nice, but very very, very funny. Of course it sank people! It weighed a L.O.T. (please, no unnecessary physics discussions)
    2. I love all of the cheez-it commercials. It cracks me up every single time when the dude checks and underlines the NOT ready.

  2. I think summer camp is great.
    When my brother and I were kids, we would always go to a 1-week daycamp (that's the max they were offering in that town in Germany) and we always had lots of fun.

  3. The only kind of summer camps we have in my area are of the "vacation bible school" type, so my kids are just stuck at home for the summer.

  4. The only summer camp I went to was soccer camp. My last year they also had a cheerleader camp going on... that was a really good summer!

  5. at B-Dad - hahaha

    Mel - I agree, camp is fun - I went to 8-week day camp every summer. It was great and I still have people from 30 years ago that I talk to.

    Michelle - Love the Titanic shirt!

  6. Clearly, you are out of touch with the "new" seniors. We wear appropriate clothes and go out after dark...even though we don't see as well as we used to.
    Some of us have even figured out how to comment on blogs WITHOUT the help of you younger people (who couldn't help)!
    I went to camp when I was 6. That is WAY too young to send a child away overnight. My parents must have really had important stuff to do in the summer.
    My children went to day camp b/c overnight camp cost as much as a new car. Boy didn't want to go anyway, even if I went as senior counselor. Girl got to go as a counselor, after she'd learned the ropes at day camp.
    Your mother loves you. xo

  7. CAMP IS AWESOME!!!!! says the single mother of an only child who just sent her away for 7 1/2 weeks!

  8. 7 and half weeks of no stress and hassle is totally worth the missing part I bet. :)


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