Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping Up To Date

First, some updating on the blog.  I haven't done anything different, Blogger has just decided to use the spacing it likes rather than what I am choosing.  Kind of annoying.  I might be able to look more deeply into it if I had any idea what the html codes mean.  For all I know, those codes could be sending state secrets to our enemies every time I post (we'll hope not).

While I do not understand the html codes, I excel at copying and pasting them.  That is what I have done over to the right.  My extremely helpful friend at Pregnant Chicken not only designed my new banner and button, she used her smartness to create an html code for me to put up so people could put my button on their blogs if they were so inclined.

I can't help it if The Party
isn't as funny as I am.
Let's see, anything else to catch up on about me?   Well, The Party thinks there might be something mentally wrong with me because I wrote in yesterday's post that I was writing about him just to show him he couldn't make me not.  I think that's really just semantics.  He says "mentally wrong," I say "hysterically funny."  Potato-potahto, whatever.

We haven't discussed the rest of the world in a while, so I just want to fill you in.  First, you may be shocked to know that 53-year-old Peter Brady and the woman young enough to be his child his wife (Adrianne Curry, 28) have split up.  They could not get along before they got married and have been fighting ever since.  Besides being a really cute child actor, has Peter done anything else worthy of note?

The neck brace is the
only thing she has
on that isn't a tragedy.
Ugh!  Snookie!  Honestly, isn't there a ton of world strife and crisis going on abroad?  This is the story all over the news?  Girlfriend crashed her car into an Italian police car.  Rumor was she was arrested.  She was not.  She just had to go to the police station to file an accident report.  In case that wasn't getting her enough attention, she spent the day strolling around Italy in a neck brace.  Which was just a prop.  She was just tricking us for fun.  Ha.  She's a comic genius.

In Politics, Trump and Palin met up in New York to discuss what big fans they are of each other.  They agreed that they have lots of political ideals in common.  Thankfully, instead of deciding to run together for office they just Facebook-friended each other.

The person who will be running for president is Michele Bachmann.  She has gotten the thumbs up from God.  You can read about it and watch the interview if you want.  I have to tell you, any time someone tells me that something they are doing is supported by God, I get a little skeptical.  When you do that you are siting as your source/support something that cannot be checked up on.  There is the idea that you have some special connection to God that the rest of us don't have because if we did we'd know you were right.

Why must all celebs have their
picture taken with the "pick
you up in the water" pose?
I think lastly I will update you on the Biebs (that's Justin Bieber for those of you not in the know).  Justin and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were on a romantic getaway this weekend.  First, why is a 17-year-old-boy allowed to go unsupervised on a romantic getaway?  Two, why must you make-out for the cameras?   No thank you.


  1. I was sure BieMez (I'm giving them that name, but I'm sure the media has already picked one out for them) had their families with them. Which I found kind of creepier. Who wants to make out with not only your mother, but also your girlfriend's, watching?

  2. BieMez - I like it. And you are correct, with the parents IS creepier!

  3. Do you think we could get Italy to keep Snookie?

  4. If it's any consolation, you may not have to worry about Selena Gomez any more. My daughter heard the buzz that Selena cheated on Taylor Lautner with Biebs and she's madder than a wet cat. She muttered something about that tramp having to die.

    I'm torn between discouraging her sadistic tendencies, and encouraging her sense of morals. ;)


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