Monday, June 6, 2011

The Party Bus

This first bus design
was dismissed by Palin as
too dull and family value-y
Surprisingly, I am not talking about my husband, The Party, and a bus.  I am talking about Sarah Palin and her non-campaigning, just here to teach about Americana and chat up people cross-country bus tour.  WTF?  No really, wtf?  What is she doing?  The more she says the dumber she comes off.  I truly hate to believe she is that stupid, but she is not helping.

The whole Paul Revere thing is a debacle.  In summary, Palin is saying that by Paul Revere warning that "the British are coming" he was in essence warning the British who were already there that more British were coming to fight, but that the Americans were armed and ready to fight for their freedom and that they were armed and that they meant business and weren't going to give up being free, or bearing arms.  Did she mention that early Americans were bearing arms?  Oh, and all this just shows that the 2nd Amendment (which, p.s., was written after the Revolutionary War) was meant to insure citizens the right to bear arms so they would always be prepared to fight for freedom.

Upon being told that she was not actually correct in her account of events, Sarah dug in and insisted that she was right about Paul Revere and that she knows her American History.  Sigh.  But, I guess you have to admire someone who won't let the educated writings and evaluations of past historians distort her interpretation of events.

I have a slight suspicion that this tour might also be a "Beers of the United States-Drink Your Way Coast to Coast" kind of party bus thing as well.  If the president thing doesn't work out, she can then get endorsements for all the beers she's tried.  Come on!  Based on the stuff she says, it sort of doesn't sound so out there, does it?  No, it doesn't.

A beer fest would certainly account for her other brilliant statement which was to say that any time there is a government mandate, it's not good.  I am almost certain that there is no way she knows what the word mandate means.  As I suggested to Mom in A Million, whose post is where I saw the information, maybe she thought that the government was trying to support man dates.  You know she is not on board with man dates.  Do you think Sarah knows that laws, like say the 2nd Amendment, are um, like government mandates?

Also, it is my understanding that Palin is the gal who believes that schools should be teaching creationism and abstinence, not science and sex education.  Was she planning on getting that to happen via a volunteer system?  I am pretty sure she wants the government to insist.  

I bet the bus has an entire iced
compartment for the "essentials."
My last thought on the party bus is this...there is $40,000 worth of Russian (right near Alaska) King Crab that has gone missing in route from LA to Seattle.  The driver and the crab have disappeared.  I do not want to unfairly accuse anyone of anything, but, I think we all know how delicious crab legs would be with beer.  And, that much crab would probably be enough to make it through the entire Beers of the US collection.  Just saying.


  1. I imagined this entire post in a Sarah Palin accent, dontcha know with a wink, and snorted my coffee all over.
    Twice, because I'm a slow learner.

  2. Maybe if we tell her there is some awesome beer sold at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, we can get her to drive the Party Bus right off the edge of it. It's worth a try, isn't it?

  3. Tea - just snorted myself reading your comment. :)

    Empress - that's good thinking right there, dontcha know.

  4. First let me tell you this: While living in Canada and not being very interested in politics in general, I have started to use your blog as my source of what my husband believes I should know about.. lol
    Having that said.. Sarah Palin and here ideas & comments never seize to amaze me in their stupidity.. *sigh*
    But that idea with the crab legs: Bingo! I am sure they are sitting somewhere and are just munching away as I write this.. ;)

  5. Mel Butterfly - I am very flattered to be your news source. I am usually at least partially accurate. :)


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