Thursday, June 9, 2011

Assorted Nonsense

Honestly, that beard
has to go.  Awful.
Right off the bat, I have to tell you that Zach Galifianakis is annoying me.  I am not sure what's his deal exactly, but it seems he is blurring the line between how people should act in real life and how they might act in the movies.  In his Rolling Stone interview he repeats what he said to Lady Gaga, child fans and Sean Penn. 

He seems to be pleased with himself that he was outright insulting to Lady Gaga.  I am no fan of her music or persona, but I wouldn't go out of my way to insult her to her face.  He has told children who tell him they liked "The Hangover" that they have bad parents (assumably for letting them see it).  There are plenty of parents that I think suck, but I wouldn't tell their kids.  That's just mean.  Lastly, he pretty much blew off Sean Penn and his offer to star in a movie.  Fine if you are not interested in doing the movie, but I'm pretty sure "send my Jews the script" wasn't necessary.  Or, certainly not necessary to repeat.

I can't help but think Zach (I am not repeatedly writing out that whole last name) is purposely acting this way because he thinks people will find it funny and refreshing that he is irreverent.  Here's the thing's only funny in the movies.  The character you seem to play over and over is naive, honest, eccentric and slightly "off" and has no filter.  In real life people don't think "that guy" is awesome.  In real life, people think "that guy" is an a**hole and try to avoid him.  You might want to keep this in mind if you hope to continue to be famous and successful.  Oh look, another person who needed a word to the wise.  Always seems to be plenty of people to go on that list.

Also annoying me this week is Christopher Plummer.  That's Captain von Trapp (Georg, if you are the baroness) from The Sound of Music.  I have now read in two separate places that Plummer thinks it's ridiculous that 40 years later people are still talking about and asking about the movie.  Jeez!  What a big jerk!    Are we supposed to feel bad because people admire you and are still talking about a movie that, for whatever reason, touched a nerve with the world?  Is it so bothersome to have people ask you about being part of something whose story and music were so well-done that to this day it makes people happy to watch the movie and sing the songs?  

Dick van Dyke thinks it was
great being part of Mary
Poppins, Julie should have
stuck with him.
I think we can all agree that Christopher is being a tad bit of an ass.  Or maybe he's not really an ass, but has turned into one of those crotchety old man types.  I am still holding out hope that he was just misquoted.  But, just in case, so as not to cast any unpleasantness on to one of America's best musicals ever, let's not interview him anymore.  And PS, you don't hear the lovely Julie Andrews complaining that people love her and her work, do you?  No, you do not.  Whistle for Plummer.  Air kisses and love for Julie.

Moving on.  I am sure you were all excited to hear that Alec Baldwin might run for mayor of New York.  In 2013.  First of all, I couldn't give a crap about 2013 right now (in 2011) and second, really??  He needed to announce that now?  And Jennifer Garner had to go on record, right now, saying she's all for it? Whistle for everyone.  For better or worse, if Alec, or anyone for that matter, is going to run for mayor in 2013, they can wait to tell us when it's actually news.  That time would be when it's time to start campaigning, not now.

Next.  Why did Jimmy Kimmel have Paris Hilton on his show the other night?  And further, why do we care what she thinks about Anthony Weiner and his wiener?  But really, why is she on anyone's talk show?  She doesn't do anything.  She has nothing to say.  It would be more interesting and/or entertaining to grab a stranger off the street or interview someone at the snack shop.  That's what Dave Letterman does and I like it.  It could go poorly, but who cares?  Everyone gets a laugh and moves on.  And I bet Paris wasn't willing to talk about her prison experience and her inability to avoid drinking and driving and being in possession of drugs.  Whistle.  For Jimmy and Paris.

Lastly, I am pleased to report there were no further shoes-on-the- kitchen counter incidents.  That I am aware of.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  I neglected to give credit to my cousin Ronna who asked me to discuss Anthony and his wiener in my post, Word to the Wise, the other day.  Thank you Ronna!  Great idea!  xo

*FYI - if you like beer, Ronna is part of a cool group - West Chester Beer Ladies - check it out.


  1. Always giving air kisses and love to Julie. Right on!

  2. ,-D. I always appreciate the information you provide and I really enjoy your commentary! Love Julie Andrews. Baffled by the Wiener. Amazed that Ms. Hilton is still interesting to some people. Just another crazy week.

  3. Ugh... Paris Hilton. Poster child for rich idiots everywhere. People need to stop feeding her idiocy. I like the Hangover and some of Zach G's standup. But man, the guy really needs to get kicked in the stones and told to stop being an idiot.


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