Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny not Stupid

like Jackass, but for "smart"
people.  I don't think they
were trying to be funny
though.   Joke's on them.
There seems to be a good number of people on the planet who are not able to distinguish between funny and stupid.  Admittedly, the line between the two is often blurred, but we have a LOT of folks who are so far past the line you have to wonder if perhaps they have suffered a brain injury at some point.  There is also a similar line between funny and crazy.  Lotta issues along that line also.  Think MTV's "Jackass."  Hard to know which of the two categories to call that.

Thinking along those lines, there seems to be a lot going on lately that could fall into either or both of those categories.  "Funny not Slutty" is an awesome blog and Facebook page (they know the difference between funny and stupid/crazy).  They have a whole women and comedy thing working.  It's kind of like a constant party going on over there.  You should totally go check them out.  Anyway, on their Facebook page I repeatedly saw, in the last week or so, video clips with the heading "Victoria Jackson for President."  I kept not having time to check it out, but intended to go back and look because I always thought Victoria was funny.

Vicky says Glee is trying to
 turn our kids gay.  I wonder if
it works on adults too.
So I finally went back.  Um, it turns out, Victoria Jackson has flown, at warp speed, right past funny into crazy.  With a little stupid thrown in for good measure.  What "Funny not Slutty" was doing on Facebook was mocking Victoria Jackson.  People have been posting their own videos pretending to be her.  Definitely worth the watch.  Not quite understanding, I looked up Victoria to see where this was coming from.  "Wow" is all I have to say.  First I watched part of her appearance on Fox News (I think they were a little surprised as well).  She also has a YouTube clip of herself singing the song she wrote about Obama being a communist.  She gives/sings examples as well and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't see it.

Jackson is extremely alarmed about homosexuality, teenage STDs, current TV programming, America's love of communism and Muslims.  Oh, and she totally loves Sarah Palin.  I would actually be interested to know if Sarah welcomes that support and sees her as a kindred spirit or is hoping no one gives Victoria her phone number or e-mail address.  Wait!  Almost forgot.  She is not happy that Glee is trying to turn kids gay.

Another not so funny train wreck is Tracy Morgan.  Having seen some of his past comedy, I tend to think he goes past funny into tasteless and cringe-worthiness on most topics.  He always seems pretty impressed with himself in general and I don't think his level of funny lives up to his hype.  But that's just me.  Except for now.  Now, it's not just me.  Now he's made enough people cringe that he had to publicly apologize.  Tracy, on one of his rants, went pretty hard at homosexuals and was criticized for promoting violence towards them.  He also threatened to beat his own kid if he acted gay.  That's always nice.

And this appears to be our
hope for the future cure of
cancer.  Awesome.

So you shouldn't think that just famous people don't know the difference between funny and stupid or crazy, I thought I would share with you a fun game that is costing people their jobs AND LIVES!!  It's called planking.  Please note that in the picture you don't see the person who got killed because they were planking across two balconies and fell to their death.  Honestly people!!!  If you have that much free time, read a book!  Or volunteer at a charity.  Or, I don't know, do your work while you're at work!!!


  1. I agree. Planking seems dumb, yes, but also incredibly boring. If I were going to just lay somewhere, I'd at least want it to be outside so I could get a tan.

  2. Planking just confirms my opinion that people come up with stupid shit when they have too much free time. :P

    Those guys need to get a job and move out of mom's basement so that they have to start with doing their own laundry, groceries, [insert household chore here]...! ;)


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