Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hold the Presses

Okay, so I thought we would be talking about the few stray items that are troubling me such as the unfair panning of the movie Grease and the misuse of the word gay (I am talking to you too homosexual people).  We will have to get back to this tomorrow, because while these topics are clearly important, something far more urgent has been brought to my attention. 

Artists Everywhere Protest

The Sound of Music Soundtrack is going to be revamped, redone, in short - ruined!!!  (insert look of horror)

Is the wrongness of this sinking in as you re-read the above sentence?  The Sound of Music is only one of the best movies and soundtracks ever!  EVER!

Apparently, the instrumental quartet - Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata ( aka B.R.O. and no I am not kidding) - has decided that the national treasure that is the Sound of Music is so awesome that they want to modernize it and mash it together with other songs and get some people to sing these new song (since they can't even sing, they only play instruments).  This will be their debut (read swan song) recording.

Maria and the happy curtain-wearing children are
blissfully unaware of what the future holds.

They clearly have magic powers or someone must owe them money because the Rodgers and Hammerstein organization is totally on board with this and has essentially given them free creative rein.

Idea number one - mix Do Re Mi with the Jackson 5's ABC.  Um, yeah - big whistle.  These are two great songs that everyone knows the words to and likes to sing.  They are just fine as separate songs.  I don't think Captain Von Trapp would have ever allowed the children to sing two songs all mixed together.  He liked things to be orderly.  And come to think of it - he had a whistle!

Idea two - Climb Every Mountain could play just as well as a hip-hop song; something you might hear on a Mary J. Blige album.  Also - no.

Here is the link to B.R.O.'s website where you can hear some pre-release snippets  Group I Don't Like on Principle.  You are certainly welcome to go give a listen and come back here with your opinion.  I will not blow my whistle at anyone who disagrees with me, but I will be privately mocking you in my head. 

Everyone knows this idea/recording is a threat to civilized people everywhere and their way of life.  But, I bet that like Modern Art in our Art/Not Art game there will be people who want to seem cutting edge and hip who will think this is super cool and revolutionary and brilliant.  These are the distant relatives of the people who let the fabled Emperor think his naked suit looked snazzy.

As an aside, if I knew how to put footnotes on here I would have footnoted that anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about in regard to whistles or Art/Not Art should refer back the past posts News/ Not News and Troubling.  So, consider yourselves footnoted.  I used smaller font so it would feel more footnotey.


  1. Ummmm......O.....M.....G! Ok, artist rendition, fine, but that is just a jacked up mess! The Sound of Music....wholesome, pure family from a much simpler time.....BEFORE the electric guitar! That was simply awful. I'm sharing your outrage.

  2. Oh, and don't mistake 'simpler time' for 'easier time'....because clearly it was not an easy time....which makes the need for the music to be left alone GREATER!

  3. Mary J. Blige has my permission to do whatever she wants to whatever she wants.

  4. I think B.R.O.'s "creative license" should be revoked!

  5. Ooooh, not a fan. Not a fan at ALL. Some things you should just not mess with, and the Sound of Music is about fifteen of them!

    I wonder what Julie Andrews thinks...

  6. I just wanted to say thank you. I started following your blog following your guest work at stark.raving.mad.mommy. I enjoy your writing so much that it put me over the edge to finally start my own blog. You showed me that you can just start. So I did. Thank you!

  7. Okay, I am just now starting to read your blog (I'm retentive and like to begin at the beginning). This album is now finished and available for download. It is F*CKING HORRIFYING. That is all.

  8. Hi Caitlyn, welcome!!

    As for the album - hideous from the moment of inception! Worst idea ever!


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