Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Died and Made You King of Anything?

JK - I heart democracy

To update all of you would-be world news followers who were too busy this weekend - Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt.  Apparently he was leaving to vacation at his seaside palace at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and didn't want to be president anymore anyway.  Not sure how it's still his palace if he stepped down, or if he made it there. 

I also heard that Switzerland said they will freeze Mubarak's assets to make sure he does not steal what rightfully belongs to Egypt.  While I am glad to hear that, it's seems very un-Switzerland-y of Switzerland.  I thought the fact that Switzerland is notoriously neutral and won't get involved is why terrorists, kidnappers and CEOs send their money there into numbered accounts - so no one can get it.

On the lighter side of the news, my last few posts were written while my husband was in India for work (he spent 48 hours in travel back and forth and 48 hours there.  He does not recommend Bangalore, India as a vacation spot).  I guess maybe Friday some time he texted me, after catching up on his blog reading, that I should not write about him because he is not here for my amusement.  Well, after I caught my breath from laughing so hard, I texted him back asking him why he thought that.  I also told him that he should be thanking me for immortalizing him in print.  So far he's a hold out on the thank you.

Besides Egypt's whole freedom thing, the Grammy's were on this weekend.  Lady Gaga got carried into the show in a turquoise plastic container.  People were saying it looked like an egg; I thought it looked a lot like those travel storage things you attach to your roof rack.  But, whatever, she's a freak as usual and everyone is in an uproar that her song and her look are lifted from Madonna. 

Bruno is a good singer, and a cutie too.

There were two things I think were worthy of note.  The first is that Bruno Mars did a bang up job making his song, Grenade, bearable to hear for the 4 billionth time.  Loved the song originally, but it is beyond over-played.  He did a whole 60's early Motown-ish version which was fun.

Nothing says "stay in school"
 like Cee Lo's costume.
Cee Lo Green - Forget You.  I don't even know what to say.  The picture I posted does not even capture it.  If you didn't see the performance, consider finding it on YouTube.  Stunning.  It was some sort of Muppet Drug Induced Liberace extravaganza.  And then add Gwyneth Paltrow.  I have to say, Gwyenth was the best part.  But honestly, if I was given the chance to sing at the Grammy's, I would not be inviting any Muppets up there with me when they didn't even sing on the record.  You can't be a Johnny Come Lately.

I think tomorrow we will talk about my daughter's desperate plea for a fish and why no one in my house can carry anything up the steps.


  1. As usual, you got me all caught up on current affairs! Thanks!! :)

  2. Can hardly wait to hear why the child can't have a fish. She did so stunningly with the dead turtle.
    Loved the Egypt catch-up. You really should do the news. Missed the Grammys due to picture hanging overtime.
    I find it interesting that someone who traveled for 48 hours and worked for 48 hours even had time to text you about his appearance on your blog. Perhaps he needs more work.
    Love, Mom

  3. I have nothing profound or witty to add; I just wanted to tell you that you make me laugh every time. Thank you.

    And I wait with bated breath to know about your "no one can carry anything up the stairs" as we too are afflicted with that problem here as well.

  4. be careful if you YouTube the song " forget you" in front of the kids. The real version of the song is f!'k you! So nice, that we celebrate this unbelievable songwriting talent! Thanks for my daily dose of laughter! Love your blog.

  5. Love!

    Cee Lo has clearly lost his "f'ng (yeah, "forgetting") mind but it was kind of like watching Al Sharpton in the presidential debates. Pure entertainment!

    Paul really needs to learn gratitude. Sheesh.

    I must add ... please let us not forget a shout out to Eminem. Hate him or love him, you gotta admit no one can do what that man does as well as he does it.

    Much love,

    Your technologically challenged friend,


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