Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Potpourri for $500, Alex

My eyebrows
aren't that scary
Update on my ability to make a logo, get e-mail subscription to work, or connect Facebook to the blog:  Do you see any of those things?  No, you do not.  I didn't want have to do this, but I blame my husband.  If he really loved me he would have learned all about blogging and FeedBurner so that when I need help he would know what to do.  Quick - go check down at the comments where my mother, I'm sure, has already written how wonderful my husband is and that I shouldn't pick on him.  Whistle.

My mother completely ignores the fact that while my husband is indeed lovely, his main hobby is annoying me for sport.  She knows it's true.  This is the person who when he says he's coming home early, says he isn't telling me what time, that I will just have to send my boyfriend home right away.  Woo hoo, soooo funny!

As I have told him many many times, what are the chances that I would possibly add to the number of people who see me naked or to whom I have to be nice?  Zero.  Those are the chances.  But, you know, it's funny every time you say it.  Not.  Whistle.

This picture was photoshopped
to make me look bad
Other family news - my brother thinks I should have a family tab up at the top so my family members can let all of you know who you are really dealing with.  Currently, he feels you should know I am the last person who needs a whistle.  Wrong.  He's younger and obviously still unhappy about being gently directed by me as a child.  Ignore any stories you should hear about me cutting off his teddy bear's legs.  He exaggerates for effect.

On the Not News front, Howard Stern finally got on Twitter and is apparently being kind of crude.  That's weird.  Who would have imagined?

In international Not News, Jude Law and Sienna Miller have split again.  You are telling me there is nothing celebrity-related that is even marginally more interesting than that?  Elvis hasn't been sighted anywhere?

In our continuing quest to appear we are paying attention to the world around us, I will let you know that Shmuley Boteach (celebrity rabbi/ ambassador type) has written an opinion piece saying that Israel should be stepping up to the plate to champion Arab freedom in Egypt.  Really?!  All this time I had been thinking that Israel had to be pretty happy that no one had found a way to blame them yet for the whole conflict.  The article seems to ignore the fact that if Israel acts at all, they will be condemned by pretty much everyone on the planet (as they often are).  Considering the trouble they already have, I am thinking Israel would like Shmuley to shut his bagel hole, mind his own beeswax, and go back to helping Madonna, Demi and Ashton with their Kaballah homework. 

Oh - and PS - if you actually go read the opinion piece that I put up the link for, you can totally be condescending to pretty much anyone for the next couple of days without even concerning yourself with any other world news.  Work on your "smug" look.

I do want to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting.  I wish that the comments on here were like the ones on Facebook, where you could "like" them.  If you get a minute and want to check out some of the comments, you will see that some are posted by other bloggers and you can click on their name to check out their blogs - they are worth having a look at. 


  1. I'm taking your mom's spot! Suzy must be sleeping. :) Funny, as usual. Thank you for sharing your wit. :)

  2. You should be kinder to your husband AND your mother. They are 2 of the people in this world who love you best and longest.

    When you say your husband annoys you for sport, I'd have to say that that is fabrication to add oomph to your story. Little children beat up on him, for crying out loud! No one is afraid of him! Why would he purposely incite you? Talk about exaggerating for effect.

    And your brother? A treasure that one is. Although, you probably scarred him for life those many years ago when you amputated Teddy's legs to illustrate the "either-or" concept.

    That being said, I am not a fan of whistling at family. It is rude. Whistle elsewhere.

    Love, Mom

  3. Poor teddy! Isn't there some sort of link between dismembering stuffed animals as a child and turning out to be a serial killer as an adult? All the more reason your family should stay on your good side...
    It's totally the husband's job to consult on all things technical. He is definitely slacking. This is why you need the boyfriend!

    Your mom really needs her own blog :D

    xoxo -KMC

  4. Your husband has obviously not read the Technical Support chapter of the Spousal Responsibility Handbook. My husband is only intermittently helpful in this regard, so I've been forced to befriend other techno-savvy men, thus forming my own personal geek squad.

    And I hardly think that an allegedly legless teddy bear is anything to cry about. Younger siblings are SO oversensitive. I shall have to post a few of my sister's tall tales on my own blog.

  5. Why you're most welcome for commenting! :)

    I found that if you go to Facebook and create a "business page" for your blog it will provide you codes for a Facebook link here. If you are on the main log in screen you'll see a little button under the Not a member? Join today! Blah blah, that says create a business page.

    That's what worked for me. I'm sure there are other ways, but that's the only one I could figure out!

  6. You are not alone. I am not progressing very quickly with all the bells and whistles on my blog either. But I did figure out the whole FB connection if you want help with that. Let me know.

    My sweet hubby is not much of a technical guru either so I tend to "google" everything to figure out how to do it.


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