Wednesday, February 9, 2011

American Idol or Sobfest 2011?

I generally like American Idol.  Sort of.  I like it once they have narrowed it down to the top 24.  Before that it is torturesome.  They have just wrapped up the auditions throughout the country and all I can say is - WOW!  There are a lot of freaks not under any kind of supervision.  I am able to know this just from the 18 total minutes I have watched in the last month (I can only watch a few minutes at a time).

What is with the stupid wannabe
soul patch?  It could use an
 "Extreme Makeover"
First of all, the whole process is like Extreme Makeover - Home Addition in that one story is more tragic than the next.  You know, Ty gets all teary telling us how he found this family of 7 living in a well only big enough for 5.  Their baby is the size of two babies and takes up extra room due to his rare condition that can only be cured by regular doses of oxygen and sunshine, but they don't get enough of that in the well.  Ty then digs up the well, putting a pool in it's place, and builds the family a house with extra oxygen pumped into it to  help the baby go back to normal size.  Ty is practically bawling by the time he finishes the story.

Where was I?  Yeah, so, American Idol.  Early on we meet the guy who was about to marry the love of his life.  She is beautiful and wonderful.  She is in a horrific accident and has a traumatic brain injury.  I am not making light of this; she is tragically disabled at this point.  It's awful.  Our would-be Idol has stayed with her and helps care for her because he loves her and you don't just leave someone when things get tough.  Thank God he could sing.  I think he was cute enough, I couldn't see through the tears.

This week we met the guy who loves music and has been told he gets his talent from his dad.  He doesn't really know because his dad died when he was very young.  He also was diagnosed with Tourette's and a mild form of autism.  He was picked on and beat up as a teenager (PS, he's not helping himself still with that hair style).  Now, he has the love and support  of his girlfriend and feels he can follow his dreams of a music career.  Oh - and they have no jobs and they have a baby.  He cried when he was done his performance because it was so emotional and the judges loved him.

Who knew you could find
clipart of a burning house?

How are we supposed to pick anyone else besides one of these two to win?  Who wants to be the dream dasher?  This poor girl today who got picked today to go to Hollywood has no idea she has no chance of winning.  Taking a risk, she left home to follow her dreams.  She's finally all settled in and then her house burns down.  That's sad and all, but, that's it?  No one got hurt?  No beloved pet has yet to show up?

As for the judges, the only thing worthy of note is that Steven Tyler is kind of smarmy.  He switches off leering at some of the girls (you can see him picturing them naked - ew) and being outright rude to the disasters.  You have the whole season to do your Simon imitation, just say yes or no and let's move on.

Oh - and can't forget the guy who came as an autobot. Yes, that's right, autobot.  Essentially a car transformer.  He pulled apart one of those kid motorized cars and made a suit out of it.  He rolled into his audition.  Big surprise - he couldn't sing.  He seemed a little surprised to get a no.  Really?  You are in a car suit and sung crouched up in a ball so you would look more car-like.

Pretty much, you now know all you need to know about American Idol for probably most of the season.  I'll let you know if anything worthy of note pops up.

she has money for lips,
but not nails?

In other "you don't say" not news, Lindsay Lohan was back in court today with more lip filler than usual.


  1. You do amuse me. You are so clever!

    Love, Mom

  2. Yeah. I noticed the lip filler on LiLo as well. What a dork.

  3. Love your Idol review!! You are the "clever" cousin.


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