Wednesday, July 6, 2011

People Never Cease To Amaze

Maybe I haven't written
because I was busy doing yard
 work.  You don't know.
Hello Friends!!  I can't believe it's been almost a whole week!  I have indeed been working on what I am calling "summer hours," but a week is just too long.  We did go away for a few days, so I am going to say that is what the hold up was, not my procrastination tendencies.

As usual, when I go through the news stories I almost don't know what to say.  Of course, it's me, so I find something, but still...what is wrong with people!?!?  Some of this stuff you can't even whistle at because the offender is so far from having a grasp on reality that they would just think you were some sort of whistle-crazed menace.

Everyone is up in arms over the Casey Anthony not-guilty verdict.  Since discussion of it is all over the place, I won't belabor the point too much, but that is just too effed up.  You have to figure the jury would have done anything to come back with a guilty verdict, so they must truly have not had the evidence they needed to do so.  I mean who wants to be the person who let her go?  The big "but" here is that it just does not seem right that a person who let her child be missing for a month before reporting it should now go on about her life without some kind of supervision.  Or maybe further mental health evaluation.

I think this next thing stuns me even more due to it's absolute absurdity.  There is a jail inmate in Michigan who filed a (handwritten) lawsuit claiming that he is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment and his civil rights are being violated because...wait for it...he is not allowed to have porn.  Without the erotic materials he is being denied, he is being subjected to a "poor standard of living".  How about this, don't rob banks and you won't have to go to jail.  Poor standard of living problem solved.

Mom-in-a-Million just posted a link that reports that Michelle Bachmann's husband says, among other things, that homosexuals are "barbarians."  Awesome.  You can check out the whole article, but essentially, he can join India's Minister of Health, who called homosexuality a disease, in fighting for the title of biggest ass of the week/month/year.

I didn't want to post a
picture of Bachmann
 or Duke and this
looked yummy. 
While on the topic of presidential hopefuls, white-power advocate, David Duke is considering running for president.  Just to clarify, he would be seeking the GOP nomination.  In case you were unsure.  I have to tell you, I bet Obama does a little happy giggle dance every time a new GOP hopeful shows up.  I mean, really!  Are you going to tell me that among moderate, "normal" republicans there is not one person stepping up to the plate?  Trump is even starting to look good at this point.  You know what?  I bet he is even starting to reconsider.

In less political, but still important news, Facebook is poised to make an "awesome" announcement today.   Something about connecting the chat feature with Skype.  All I know is that every time Facebook "improves" things it takes me weeks to figure out where stuff is, how to use it and to reset all my privacy settings so prison inmates can't find me.  No thank you.

In Australia, an elderly woman (would have been 87 next month) was found dead in her home.  And by dead in her home, I mean dead in her home for 8 years and no one noticed.  Her government check has gone into her bank account the entire time and the account has been untouched.  Apparently, this inactivity was not a red flag of any sort to the bank.  The only person she was in contact with before her death, 8 years ago, was a sister-in-law.  They had a fight (believed to be shortly before the woman's death) and weren't speaking to each other.  No one noticed this person missing for 8 years until the sister-in-law told police she had tried to get in touch with her (we don't know why) and couldn't.

I bring this up to you because, rather than feel sorry for the deceased woman, I want you to take away an important lesson.  That lesson is that if you are going to be a crabby, unpleasant, miserable, combative sort, you are going to be dead in your house for 8 years and no one will find you until they need something from your house.  True, I don't know for sure this woman was that way, BUT, while she was living she only spoke to one, non-blood-related, person who wasn't even alarmed when the woman stopped talking to her.  

You should all try to be a
ray of sunshine, just like me.
I am just telling all of you that you should try to be a little nice and be sure to leave your house on a regular basis so people will notice if you're missing.  That's all.  I'm just trying to help you, I'm not accusing anyone of being difficult.  You might ask yourself why you are getting so defensive.

In summary, people are stunning and defy explanation.  It is best to try to avoid the most amazing of these people.  But, you should not avoid too many people or well, you know, I just explained it to you.


  1. If you don't hear from me in, say, a few days, please look in. I don't want anything to spoil and take away from resale value of the house.
    Love, Mom

  2. that poor elderly woman must not have had a facebook account or surely someone would have noticed no status updates in 8 years!

    you have been missed this past week. and i just noticed that donkey's varsity jersey is purple - your favorite color (or favourite colour for our other friends - you know who you are). Coincidence or on purpose? i must admit, i do still miss el loco donkey a little bit. he was endearing in an odd sort of way.

    i am keeping that pic of that scrumptious cupcake for future reference. i may be starting a cupcakery (yes, true, more info to come).

    now i am off to try the "contact dtc" button to see if it really works. xoxo bc

  3. it doesn't work - have to get a new e-mail or fix that one. have been ignoring it.

    cupcake bakery - count me in!

  4. oh - and purple shirt on donkey was by design. :)

  5. Ha! I only wish I could go eight years without anyone bothering me! I wish I could go five minutes! I need to start being a lot meaner I suppose. As it is, I'll never be that old woman, someone is always looking for me to do *something* for them.

  6. Welcome back, Donkey <3 We missed you!

    The Casey Anthony thing is a travesty. However, I read today that she is getting 4 years in prison for lying to investigators (plus a $4000 fine). It's like they were looking for SOMETHING to put her away for. At least we know she'll be locked up for a while, and apparently without access to porn.
    (Don't get me started on the 'rights' of convicted felons. They live in better conditions than many of our military servicemen and women!)

    Good call on the cupcake pic - yum! (No one would have been saying 'yum' to a Bachman or Duke pic, I feel certain.)

    PS. If Barb really starts a cupcakery, I'm moving back to the states so I can help (taste the recipes). Because that's just the kind of friend I am.

    love, KMC


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