Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

It's hard to know where to start.  I think I will begin with the news story in hopes that it will show that other people have worse ideas than my teenager.  His idea wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't a sign of anything resembling sense.  My news story shows outright stupidity.  From everyone involved.  It also shows what not to wear, but that's for another post.

On the upside, she didn't
need to hire a
wedding photographer.
A 50-year-old bride was arrested on a felony warrant for identity theft.  Police had been tipped off she would be in town for her wedding.  Why Mrs. Einstein would come into town to get married when she knows the police are looking for her is a mystery.  I am only sad we didn't get to see a picture of the groom.  I am willing to bet that he did not have all his teeth.  Yes, I'm being judgmental, but that's what I bet.  Luckily for the bride, the courts seem to be even dimmer than she.  She was released on bond after being processed.  I know she may not be a danger to people, but being a flight risk is another reason bail is sometimes denied.  Hello!!  You couldn't get her to court for two years, but, you are going to let a defendant who lives out of state out on bail?  And, guess who didn't show for her court appearance a few days after her arrest?

In comparison, Boy's weekend seems just like teenage silliness.  Which, it really is, but still...it gives quite a bit of weight to the studies that show a teen's brain isn't done growing yet and their judgement skill are lacking.  

So, the Reader's Digest version is that Boy goes to Delaware to stay with our favorite people so that he and "Bryan" (fav peep's same-age son) can go check out University of Delaware.  (Party and I and our DE friends all went to Delaware if you were interested in that piece of trivia).  Anyhoo, The Party and I couldn't go to check it out with Boy because we had to go to Visiting Day to see SB at overnight camp.

Fast forward to Sunday morning when we go to pick up Boy.  Before we even get to hear about the tour I see Boy pick up a box with three donuts in it and take the whole box...

Me:  Where are you going with the whole box?
Boy:  "Bryan" already ate his 3, so now I am eating mine.
Me:  You're eating 3 donuts?  (He rarely eats donuts, let alone 3 at once)
Boy:  They made fun of me when I said I only wanted two, so I have to eat 3.
Me:  You do not.  They don't care if you eat 3 or not.
Boy:  They'll make fun of me.
Me:  They will not.
Bryan:  I won't make fun of you.
Bryan:  I would ridicule you, but that's different.

Off Boy goes to eat 3 donuts (and PS, refused to give me a single bite of any).

Do you see?!?!
It's not good if your child
has things in common
 with Homer Simpson.
Now, I want you to imagine this is 2 years from now and he's a college freshman and substitute beer for donuts.  You see what my concern is, right?  We have just seen a "good kid" totally cave in to peer pressure from another "good kid" with both of them thinking it was a laugh riot.  Awesome.

Boy did like UD's campus.  The highlight for him was the squeezy ball he got from the Hotel Management booth.  He didn't get any information there; that line was too long and he certainly wasn't going to wait.  But, he got a ball, and that's important when you are trying to decide on a college.

In other sigh-worthy news, there has been a big uproar that presidential hopeful, Michele Bachmann, suffers from migraines.  What will happen if she is president and gets a migraine?  Oh no!!  That certainly seems like the most important thing to worry about.  Let's start analyzing her migraine history and completely ignore that she thinks you can pray the gay out of someone. WTF?  

The only other excitement here is that my allergies have been killing me.  I am all sneezy and itchy today.  What's most itchy is my nose, so I pretty much looked like a cocaine-addicted mental patient as I wandered around all day clawing and scratching at my nose.  My nose is always red anyway from rosacea and I am always trying to cover it up.  This wasn't helping.  You can imagine how fetching I looked by the end of the day.  The red watery eyes were just an extra bonus.


  1. If that bride was important enough to get caught at her wedding (i.e., the cops cared enough about catching her to know when she'd be in town), it just doesn't make sense that they'd let her go on bond. *Shaking my head*

  2. I also want to see a photo of the groom.

  3. Ah... Boy..
    Peer pressure about a donut.. I am sure you loved to see that.

    I think when it's time to send him off to university in 2 years, you should just lock him up in the basement for another couple of years and then see if he is ready for that environment. :D
    It would totally work.. Everybody will think he is already off to get a higher education and nobody will suspect you now have a cellar dweller.. ;)

  4. that is brilliant Mel and I will absolutely consider that. Good thinking!

  5. Watch out! Next thing you know he'll be planking and owling! LOL

  6. LOL - but I'm not actually worried about that as that would require too much effort on his part. :)


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