Thursday, January 20, 2011

What level of dim will I seem if I don't understand half of the directions I just read to get the blog up and running?

In case anyone is wondering, the title is a rhetorical question.  I don't need the first comments to my blog to be people rating my level of stupid.  I think we can wait until we are closer friends for that.

So, pretty much, I have figured out how to change the font style and color.  I read (okay, read through sort of) the entire Blogger for Dummies, but so far I am not seeing how what I read and what I am doing are related.  The one thing I did get from the book is that you can use your blog to generate income.  I think that is a very loose usage of those words.  Far as I can tell, in order to generate income you have to allow Blogger to put ads on your site and then - here's the tricky part - people who visit your blog have to click on the link for the ad.  It doesn't sound too tricky, BUT, you get paid approximately 10¢ for like every 1000 people who click on the link.  I am pretty sure I can generate more income by looking in the sofa cushions when I visit my friends' houses.

I think my lack of ability to actually operate the blog will make it harder for me to win the award for Best Smartass Blog in a Comedy or Musical.  I am not even trying for the Drama category - too much competition.

What?  They don't give out that award?  Guess that'll make it even harder.

As for the title of my blog, I am figuring that only my mother and a few others will get what it means.  If I was set up at this point to give prizes, I would be offering one to the first person to correctly guess what it means.  Okay, I will give you a clue.  It's part of a joke/riddle.  But, don't ask me any more, you have to guess.  Not that it will help you come up with the answer, but it's important to know that I find the title amusing (okay, maybe not important, but worthy of note).  It might also interest you to know that I find a lot of what I say and do amusing.  As fate would have it, not everyone else thinks I am as funny/amusing as I think I am.  In real life there is nothing I can do about that.  On Facebook, I defriend those people.

I think in my next post I will explain one of my favorite games - News, Not News.  It is closely related to one of my other favorite games - Commentary on the Commentary/ How do some people get their jobs?

I would like to close with some clever sign off that could become my "thing," but I don't have one.  That may or may not change in the future.


  1. LOL
    Good start, can't wait to see more.

    I think my husband and I play a simular game to Commentary on the Commentary/How do some people get their jobs? Only we call it How do some people KEEP their jobs?

    Keep posting--I need the laughter (they say it's good for the abs, too!)

  2. thanks for both nice comments Karen! I will certainly keep posting. :)


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