Thursday, January 27, 2011

Practically a Celebrity

Very exciting news!  My friend at stark.raving.mad.mommy made me her guest blogger today.  Yay me.  I am feeling very full of myself and have been snubbing people all day on Facebook, acting like I am too good to comment on their statuses.  Most don't actually know that I am guest blogging, nor have they noticed my lack of commenting, but we know, and that's all that matters.

It's perfect being featured on someone else's blog.  It's like having a party at someone else's house so you don't have to clean yours.  SRMM's blog is all pretty and well put together.  Donkeys to College is still kind of messy and not quite right.

I want to thank all of SRMM's followers who came over here and read my blog.  It was very exciting to see the stats today.  I had more people look today than I did the whole week I have been up and running.  Thanks guys!!  Of course, also lots of thanks to my friends who have been posting my link.  xo 

For those of you wondering, I am making great strides over here.  Just yesterday, I added Tab #2 - the "Home" tab.  Yes, it's true that I could have had a "Home" tab all along if I hadn't accidentally deleted it when I was setting up the "About" tab, but that's of no matter now.  The technological advances we (think Royal We) are making here at Donkeys to College are truly staggering.  I mean we are sailing right along into the 21st century.  It's really very cutting edge.

Not my child.
My child wasn't smiling
when he had to shovel.

Let's see, what else do we need to discuss?  Well, it snowed a lot here and I had to shovel.  But, if you know how to play along at home, you know that is "Not News."

What is news would be the State of the Union Obama gave the other night.  I will tell you that I missed it because my daughter had a basketball game, but I read a couple summaries.  I am happy to fill you in if you too had something else to do, but don't want to seem hopelessly unaware of what is going on in the country.

Here you go...In the spirit of unity and love of country, many politicians crossed partisan boundaries and sat together.  I think there were a few tears and I am pretty sure they were singing Kumbaya.  Obama's speech was initially met with support and there didn't seem to be any hecklers.  Also, it seemed that Obama looked a little orange-y.  There was some discussion (of my Facebook friends) that either he was jaundiced or a little heavy-handed with the self tanner.

Fast forward a day, the GOP still thinks Obama stinks and that he didn't offer up any real information or plans. 

Unfortunately, politics has gotten to the point where our president (any president) can't do anything right.  It is perhaps the most thankless job on the planet.  I am not exactly sure how we keep getting people to agree to do it.  It doesn't even pay that much money.  And it makes your hair turn gray.  I think the real upside to the job is that when you are done, no matter how much anyone disliked you, everyone is willing to pay a lot of money to have you come speak.

Notice she is a little
orange-y, like
Obama was.
In other less serious, but far more troubling news, Lady Gaga is in the works to create a new perfume that smells like...and no I am not kidding...blood and semen.  I read this on PopEater so there is at least a chance that it's true.  Even if it's just a small chance - are you kidding me!?!?!?!?!  This might possibly even more gross than the stinkbug in my shower the other day (see Stinkbug post).


  1. Don't you wonder about Gaga's experience that she might consider that combination of bodily fluids worthy of 1) reproducing and 2) spritzing about one's person?

    I do.

    Thanks for the wrap up on Obama. Did Boehner cry?

    Found you through SRMM...will stay with you 'cause I think you and I might be likeminded.

    Happy snow day...

  2. about lady gaga, let me just say....


  3. I found you from SRRM too. I am a "follower" because I think you are witty! I can always use a smile.

  4. Um... EW Gaga... I was on the fence of whether or not to "like" her... but now... eeeeeeeeeeew.

    And lol. I love how most of the comments are about LGG instead of Obama. Way to sidestep political drama! *high fives*

  5. Go you! I'm trying this blog thing out too. I'm trying to get my feet wet before I release it to the public. LOL I use to blog everyday back in college, but suddenly stop when... I got a job and got married and all that jazzy stuff. LOL But I'm learning that I can now have a happy medium and it's actually very therapeutic. I don't understand why I stopped! LOL ;]

  6. I don't know what I enjoy more....reading the blog or reading the comments of support. xoxo

  7. Did you hear about Obama's complete lack of sense? (On the State of the Union, not the run of the mill lack of sense.) He said...let's cut spending! Then let's spend more money! I just do not understand the man. At all.

    On a happier note, LGG is a F.R.U.I.T.C.A.K.E. Also, your blog is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My friend, the celebrity!! Love it. And love your new blog. Hurray.. now the rest of the world gets to enjoy your wit, humor and unique take on life. And I get to enjoy a little more Amy in my day. Fab!!!


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