Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whether it's Cold, or Whether it's Hot...

Not that kind of Tab
 Before we can discuss anything else, I need to point out that there is now an "About" tab.  I could not be more pleased with myself.  I know lots of other blogs and web sites have many tabs, but there is only one here.  If you feel like you need more than one tab, just click on this one a bunch of different times, it will feel like more.

I am still trying very hard to get the e-mail subscription box to work so that people can be notified by e-mail (if they want) when there is a new post.  It's not working because FeedBurner is conspiring against me and trying to make me look stupid.  (No, I really don't know what FeedBurner is either, but we need to make friends with it).

Living where I do, outside of Philadelphia, it's cold in the winter.  It sometimes snows.  Despite the fact it is always this way, a lot of people get themselves into a big uproar every time it's very cold or it snows.  These are the same people who empty out the supermarket in preparation.  I am not sure in preparation for what.  Do they think they will be magically transported into the frozen tundra somewhere never to be heard from again? 

The longest anyone around here has every truly been snowed in is for like one day.  And, the truth is, most of us feel compelled to shovel out immediately and drive somewhere, just to prove we can.  You should know my husband is not one of these people and is beyond troubled by me when I suggest going out to eat or to a movie during snow "events"  (sometimes called snow "emergencies" by city officials).  He's a big rule follower.

Despite my understanding of the climate in which I live, I am going to have to complain to Mother Nature a little bit.  I get it - you control the weather.  You can make it as cold as you want.  But, honestly, once it's cold enough to snow, do we need it any colder?  What is the point of 7 degrees?  Or 12 degrees?  That is really just showboating.  It's not pleasant for anyone. 

Please note that is a phone pole.  Unless we want that
much snow, let's try to find the person who is still
 throwing their soda cans out with the regular trash.
This leads me to believe Mother Nature is pretty annoyed with someone.  I don't know if it's the littering or the non-recycling or somebody's lack of appreciation for nature, but if you are the person causing the problem - cut it out!  We shouldn't all have to suffer because you are a non-cooperator.  In our group attempt to flush out the troublemaker I think we should direct our focus to someone in the south.  I don't want to wrongly accuse anyone, but Atlanta was just snowed/iced in for like a week.  They never get ice and snow!  Just saying.

And people from the south, don't write me telling me I am picking on you.  I did not make up the Atlanta weather.  I am merely putting together pieces of the puzzle. 

In summary:
*  It's cold in the winter.
*  There is snow in the winter.
*  I am blaming the needlessly cold weather on someone with a bad attitude.


  1. If you're looking for the culprit who's upsetting Mother Nature, I would like to point out that the mysterious shadowy figure beside the telephone pole looks very suspicious.

  2. Your blogging is brilliant, and you've already accomplished more in a month than I have in nearly a year. lol Bravo!

  3. Great job with this blog!! I love it. I'm impressed with how you have gotten set up so well. I'm not such a quick learner!!

  4. Haha very funny post! I'm from WI where we actually pride ourselves on being from the "frozen tundra." And yet, like you said, people act surprised when we get a little snow. Or it gets cold. And we all rush to the grocery store...
    I'm glad to have found your blog, I'll be back to visit often!


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