Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini Post

There were just a few things that I have been needing to discuss, so I thought I'd throw them all together onto a little mini post.  Think of it as a post you'd put into a dollhouse along with the other miniatures.  It would fit onto the mini computer on the mini computer desk or maybe onto the laptop the doll has on the sofa.  I did enlarge the font for you so you could still read it.  Just imagine it being smaller when you picture it in the dollhouse.

and why must they
always pose standing
on top of each other?
1.  Why do MaryKate and Ashley always wear clothes that are like 50 sizes to big for them? (speaking of miniature people)

2.  Why is it called herbal tea?  There's no tea in it.  Just herbs and leaves and crap like that.

3.  What do you suppose the odds are that I will ever actually cook or bake any of the cool recipes I pinned onto my board on Pinterest?

4.  By the time the Republican candidates are done assassinating each other's characters and pointing out to the public what overzealous, over-pious, walking freak shows they are, which one of them do they think will be able to win an actual election?  Even if you don't like Obama's politics, the Republicans are making him look like a pillar of normalcy by comparison.

5.  I just noticed that the word "assassinating" has the word "ass" in there twice, which is particularly germane in this context.

6.  Awhile back I wrote about this guy, Trent Arsenault, who donates his sperm for free to people so they can have babies.  The FDA was trying to shut him down; something about quality control.  Blah blah blah.  Anyhoo, Trent should have quit while he was ahead and not given any interviews.  If you go to this link, you will find out that he is a little yucky and you probably wouldn't want anyone you know to use his sperm.  Highlights:  he's 36 but looks 15, is a virgin, says he a donorsexual, AND, the icing - he has posted 100+ videos of himself maturbating with "unusual" things.  I didn't dare even go look.

Back soon with a full-size post.  On the upside, there are less calories in the mini post.

I hope this doesn't seem too ambitious.


  1. I guess you don't want to hear that he is your father, then?

  2. Ew. No. That is not even funny. Plus, without the use of a calculator, even I know he's too young. So ha!!

    1. This is how you talk to your mother? Nice.

    2. Your mom is hilarious.

  3. :D I thought it was funny. But yeah - ew.

    Fun mini post. But I do not have a doll house. And it has been quite a few years since my daughters had one. Are there really lap tops for doll houses now?

    1. you have to go to www.thebloggess.com and look for her post with a picture of her haunted dollhouse. You would not believe what comes in miniature size. It's the coolest thing ever. I'll look too and see if I can find the post.

    2. here is the link. From there you can see the slide show of the pictures. Somewhere I think she explains that the house is filled with horror movie or books (or both) scenes.


  4. Again, I must say it. I <3 your mom.

  5. I have implored you people time and time again not to encourage my mother.

  6. I love your mom, too. As usual, I agree with everything you've said...regarding #3, I've actually been trying some of the recipes I've been pinning for months on Pinterest. Most of them have turned out pretty well!


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