Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beware: This Could Happen To You

This is merely a representation
exaggerated for humor purposes.
I would never act like this.
 I wouldn't.  You don't know.
I don't want to alarm anyone, but my life is basically over/meaningless.  The Boy will be going to the University of Delaware in the fall and tomorrow he has his orientation.  I will skip over telling you how ridiculous it is that they charge the students AND the parents for orientation (two separate ones of course) and get right to the my life is over part.

I signed on to be the mom of children.  Chil-dren.  Not grown-ups.  *I'm* a grown-up (for argument's sake)!!  How can I be expected to parent what is essentially a contemporary?  I mean, he is starting college and I am practically just out of college - how can I be his parent?  Oh?  What's that you say?  I got out of college almost 25 years ago?  Are you sure?  That just does not sound right.

Sigh.  I don't see how it's fair that I want to be the mother of people I can pick up and cuddle and kiss whenever I want and instead I have a daughter who towers over me and a son whose whiskers rub on my face when I kiss him.  Don't get me wrong, I am well aware of the benefits of older children.  Lots of great things, not the least of which is that I can go wherever I want pretty much whenever I want and don't need a babysitter.  Don't think that's not a dream.  But still, I liked it better when we all agreed I knew best and people begged for my attention.

...Two days later

I didn't finish the post before we left for orientation.  And now I'm back.  And I still think the
You should have seen the
students helping with this.
All cheery and spirited and
welcoming.  Like that was
going to distract me from
being freaked out.
whole thing is bullshit.  First off is the food situation.  The dining situation is nothing like it was when any of us went to college.  There are tons of delicious, attractive, healthful options, offered in a variety of settings.  And, if the dining schedule/menu doesn't work for you on a given day, you can use your flex points for various food court-like options.  These extra options also include mini marts throughout campus, that stay open late, where you can get pre-made meals or fresh produce.  When I was in college, the only dining excitement was if we could find two dining halls in two consecutive days that were serving grilled cheese and waffle fries.  I still don't know what Supreme sauce is, but they used that on a lot of things.  There's no Supreme sauce now.

Oh, and as the parent, you are supposed to pay the bills and fill out the forms, but you can only do that when your student signs into the system and clicks on the "let my parents in to pay you" option.  The law prohibits colleges from giving you any information about your student, but you are still supposed to be completely responsible for making sure everything is taken care of and that your student's account has the proper funds for tuition, books and food.  You are supposed to do this in a non-helicopter parent way.  Essentially, everything I found out at orientation that I am supposed to take care of, I can only do if my kid remembers to check his university e-mail and tell me.  Sounds like an awesome system.

Poor Guy didn't even know how
ridiculous his question sounded.
It's sad when people are in
denial.  Not everyone can be
emotionally healthy like I am.
Overall, orientation was not too traumatizing for most of the parents or kids.  As parents, we all felt a lot better about our coolness and ability to "let go" when during one session a parent (a dad no less) asked if there is anyone that is making sure that kids aren't staying up until 2 in the morning and are eating.  Bahahahahaha!  Good one.  The student panel chuckled and elbowed each other before one of them pulled it together enough to say "No, your student is on their own."

So friends, for those of you a ways off from college, don't worry.  There is always a chance your kid won't get into college and then you won't have to be all freaked out that you have a kid in college.  Because that would make it better, right?  Or, if that sounds like maybe it could end poorly, push your kid to do well and get into a good college, but start upping your drinking now.


  1. Thanks for the update. Now we don't have to discuss it further. Did he love it? Did he make any new friends? (Snort)
    Kiss kiss

    1. It's hard to make new friends if you don't talk to anyone. He did seem to think the whole thing was okay.

    2. I asked him if he made any life-long friends, potential life partners or bonded with Amy. Answer: No.
      Said he wasn't with Amy at all.
      Boy is a veritable fountain of information. But he is cute and lovable.

  2. On Campus mini-marts? What a shame, Boy will be missing out on one of the best U of D experiences... microwave Sand-ittos from the 7-11 at 3 in the morning.

    1. While that is very true Steph, I bet it's awesome to live in Russell and only have to walk over to the student center and get something to eat at 1 in the morning - especially when it's cold! Oh yeah - there is a Dunkin Donuts in the library and a Starbuck's in the lobby of Smith!

    2. We might have been lucky... had this been so in 1985, the "freshman 15" would have been the "freshman 30." Tell me there's a Beermiester in the Library and I just might go back to get my Masters.

  3. I have a son going into his junior year at college and the younger son is going in. I also am not a big fan of you pay for everything but you can know nothing unless the child tells you.
    They are relying on getting information to me from a kid who loses his wallet twice a month. I think that part of the system was thought up by the students!

  4. I feel the same way...How did they get grown(ish) so fast?


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