Monday, April 1, 2013

How Am I Supposed To Work With These People?

Yes, I'm sure Rosa Parks got her
start being fresh to her mother.
"You can't make me move, I'm like Rosa Parks."  This is what happens when you send children to school and insist they learn things.  SB was blocking my way in the laundry room and that was her response when I asked her to move.  Of course, she then ran away before I could show her that I could, indeed, make her move.

This conversation was reminiscent of the one I had with Boy when he was learning about World War 2 and different kinds of governments.  Throughout that unit I was informed that I was "mean like Hitler," "a fascist dictator," that I "hated democracy," and that I was squelching his First Amendment right to say what he wanted.

More recently, Boy has again had me shaking my head.  He is waiting to hear from colleges.  University of Delaware (where The Party and I and assorted aunts and uncles went) is his first choice.  A big, bright yellow envelope arrives with UD and Congratulations across the top.  I show him when he walked in the door from school.  At first Boy smiles and then asks "Did my TV Guide come too?"  When I stared blankly at him and said "no" he said "well it was supposed to."  You're kidding right?  You haven't even opened your college acceptance letter, but you're worried about the TV Guide?
I have never actually seen a
hen that's blue and that's
a very mannish hen.

Also, when I asked him "Is Delaware still your first choice?"  His answer was "Yeah, I guess.  I haven't really thought about it."  What?!?!  It's spring of your senior year of high school!  Any idea when you might get around to thinking about it?  I have nothing I can work with here!

Do you all see why I need a whistle?!?!  I still maintain that I also need a stun gun, but currently am forced to make do with smacking and/or shoving people.


  1. I can definitely see why you need a whistle ;) Congratulations to Boy!

    1. Thanks on his behalf. :)
      Of course, as the mother, I am taking full credit for all acceptances.

  2. Ahh yes, senioritis is in full swing. I'm dealing with a boy that's trying to grow up no matter how much I try to squelch it, and know I'll be in your shoes before I blink. Mine is only in 4th grade now.
    I remember when I was a Sr I didn't want to think about college and moving and applying and all that jazz. I ended up at the local Jr College with a boyfriend I'd met in May of my Sr year. That was 21 years ago, and I'll see that boyfriend when he comes home tonight. So keep in mind, your Boy could be looking for a wife instead of a TV guide! :)

  3. okay - so happy that Boy isn't looking for a wife at this time.

    And, Echo, I believe my son is the only person in America without an AARP card who gets TV Guide.

  4. Found your blog last Friday. Have spent waaaaaaay too much of the weekend reading all of your 2011 posts. This a.m. I started 2012. Decided to go to current entry and realized the one I read Friday was from April of this year. PLEASE tell me you are still blogging! I have 2 grown children, so you'd think that I couldn't relate. However, not true; I have grandchildren and badly need a STFU bracelet at times with them! They are still young enough that telling them it means See The Fun Unicorn would totally work.

    I recently retired, and I need your blog to help me avoid all the projects I've put off until I retire!


    1. Haven't blogged in a little while, but am working on some posts. So glad you found me! Welcome!


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