Saturday, August 18, 2012

Survivor: WTF Is Wrong With You?

Installment 3 finds me hiding, yes hiding, in the computer room.  The Party called me out of the room to complain, but had to back off because the whole thing is his fault.  The upside for me is that I get to update you on what's going on.  Oh yeah, and I will explain why it's Party's fault.

Okay, so we are in hour 32.  We are essentially on the back 9.  The Party seems bent on making these last hours as long and loud as possible.  And not in a good way.  His plan for the last couple of hours has been to rile and sugar up 5 and 7 as much as possible so they will have a big crash and go to sleep.  They have now turned to screaming "funny" stories that end with someone getting hit or knocked on their "buttocks."  As I am sure you know, that word is funnier the more and louder you say it.

The "plan" started several hours ago.  While we were eating dinner.  The Party made me a drink, but it didn't work.  I made a second one while he wasn't looking and I'm drinking it right now.  The Party is showering the boys upstairs and I still hear screaming.  How long will the screaming and hysterical, maniacal laughter go on before Party realizes his plan isn't working?

Just so you know, we have the boys sleeping on a queen-size air mattress in our room so they can watch TV before falling asleep.  (My kids are loudly complaining that it's unfair that they are not allowed to do that.  Whatever, shut up.)  This evening will end by Party putting the kids on said mattress and turning on the TV.  He will then fall asleep in our bed while Thing 1 and Thing 2 come downstairs to see what the rest of us are doing and to continue playing Bey Blades and Legos.  (Side note: Jenni and Adam, we bought 7 some more Bey Blades and 5 a big Lego set for their birthdays.  You're welcome)

The screaming has stopped and it's totally quiet now.  Not sure if that is a good sign or a bad one.  I'll let you know.  If you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, send help.

This is what it will look like once
The Party falls asleep.


  1. You should probably make another drink, you know, just in case...

  2. Funny! Because my kids get wound up before bedtime and it means 10 trips from their room saying "I can't sleep." So good luck Party!
    Excited to hear if you outlasted, outwitted, and outplayed the rest of the island!!! :)

  3. I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster award. I enjoy reading your blog, so I nominated you. To get more details about the award, just visit my blog. :-)


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