Friday, August 17, 2012

Survivor: Suburbia

So, we're going to try something a little different today.  I am going to keep you apprised of my own Survivor episode that is going on right now as we "speak"  (well, really read and write, but whatever).

Unlike a normal Survivor series, no one can get voted off the island.  It's more of a last man standing kind of Survivor.  In our game, my nephews (7 and 5) have come to stay with us for the weekend.  These are The Party's sister's kids.  We love Party's sister and her husband and wanted to help them so they could go away to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  These boys are very cute, smart and sweet.  They are also very hyper enthusiastic and active.  They require (especially the 5-year-old) more supervision and entertainment than my 14 and 17-year-olds do, so that is a challenge.  For the record, we are very glad to have them here, but that does not change the reality of the situation.  Or the need to exploit the visit for use in our fun and games.

At this moment in time we are at Hour 3.  Out of 48.  Our special challenge is that Party won't be home until around 9pm and SB has a party at 7.  Boy will be gone from 5-7.  My goal is to give them a few snacks so that they can wait until 7pm to go to dinner.  This will give me another person to go with me and will count as an activity and will bring us close to bedtime.  Did I mention they are not particular fans of bedtime?  And I am pretty sure I am not going to get a nap this afternoon.  Just saying.

So far, everyone is happy and entertained and my children are supervising so I can do important things like chat with you guys.  I have several activities planned for the next two days, but the challenges will get harder.  For instance, tomorrow and Sunday SB has a very early soccer tournament.  The Party and I will have to split up.  How will this work out?  Will people be happy?  It's a nail-biter isn't it?!?

Stay Tuned!!!

In 1932 Mickey babysat his nephews, Morty
and Ferdie.  This is the earliest record of nephews being
babysat.  Okay, I made that up, but 1932
was a really long time ago, so it could be true.


  1. Good luck! I can help in the day tomorrow, but I'm off for dinner.

  2. Loved having my nephews at that age. We would pull out the sofa bed and watch Star Wars movies til we all fall asleep.I was a single broad then with no kids (life) of my own though. Good luck!

  3. Since it has been a while since yours were that small, I will remind you of a very important rule in this house. Playdoh can ONLY be done in the kitchen. NO EXCEPTIONS. Another good one is Sharpies are NOT markers for coloring. Just ask my tables.
    I'm sure you'll be fine. In new places, kids can be entertained by anything that they don't have at home. Besides, you're the coolest aunt EVAH!
    Have fun!!! :)

    1. thank you Jolie for those excellent reminders. So far no play-doh, sharpies or glitter have been used. While I AM extremely cool, their interest in me is low compared to that of Boy. Yay me. :)

    2. Yes, older children to play with is ALWAYS my kids' choice when it's available. If you want some good entertainment, ask them if Boy and SB are adults or kids, and how old you have to be to be an adult. My kids always crack me up b/c their aunt is just now graduated from college and the answers when she was in HS and college were always good. Seems if you live with your Mom still, you're not quite an adult, but if you're not wanting to play so much, it can get complicated. Hang in there!!!

  4. Wow, I am officially a shlub. When I volunteer to watch relatives (NOT often) I send them upstairs with my brood to play and then don't see them again until it's time to stuff food in their mouths. You *planned* stuff for them to do? MIRACLES unheard of in my house.


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