Saturday, August 18, 2012

Survivor: Installment 2

I should totally get a shirt made
of this logo with the date on it.
I could start a shirt collection
for every time we have the boys.
Oooh wait - maybe car magnets!
It's almost a little like "24" mixed with Survivor.  Each episode is a whole day but takes place over the span of the hour installment.  And by "almost" I mean the opposite of.  Each hour takes a whole day.  Or maybe it just feels like it.

It is currently Hour 21.5, not that I'm counting.  The boys and I have been up since 9am.  5 started off being unhappy with me because I wouldn't play Crazy Bones with him at first awakening.  I said I wasn't ready to play yet.  He kept holding up the bag and looking up to me with his big blue eyes, trying to hold back the tears.  Sigh.  No.  Still can't play.  7 spent about 45 minutes wrapping different parts of his stuffed bear with an Ace bandage, announcing which parts were broken and needing fixing.  Very excellent imagination and playing his own.  He did say he was being loud on purpose in hopes of waking up Boy so they could play with him.  I told 7 "Good luck with that."

After announcing that he, 7, certainly did not ever need a lid on his cup, even in the family room, he put his elbow into his full cereal and milk bowl and tipped it over.  Despite having seen him do it, he smiled and blamed it on 5.  Or maybe it was Billy Bob.  Yes, he thinks Billy Bob did it (Billy Bob does not exist if you aren't getting that).  No big deal, accidents happen. I did tell 7 though that when you cause an accident that makes a mess that someone else has to clean, it's nice to say "sorry" and then offer to help clean it up.  He agreed that was the way to go.  He said sorry, removed his wet pajama pants (underwear stayed dry somehow) and moved himself and remaining cereal to a dry spot.

The reason I am able to come tell you about our day so far is that I went and woke Boy up myself at 11:15am.  And, just to remind you, Party and SB are at soccer.  (SB's team won against the 5th ranked team in PA - go SB and team!)  I have to now go get dressed before anyone notices that they haven't spoken to me in more than 4 minutes and comes searching.

I will be back later to let you know how Team Donkey fared in the afternoon challenges.  Remember, there will be a pool involved and one boy who doesn't know how to swim yet.  Oops!  Too late - 7 just found me telling me he doesn't know where Boy went.  Really?  He's downstairs with you, go find him.

Thank God these are actually very sweet and well-behaved children!  I really don't know what people do who have kids who are obnoxious and crazy.  I haven't had to yell at anyone yet, which is more than I can usually say for my own children.

Addendum:  5 just brought his and 7's cup up from the family room without being asked and took them to the sink.  Okay, maybe I will play Crazy Bones.
The real ones look way more
blobby and faceless and are
probably made of plastic mistakes
from other kinds of toys.

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  1. Good for you, Precious!! Keep up the good work. Be careful out there in the pool. Parents won't look fondly on you if one of their jewels doesn't return.


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