Monday, August 13, 2012

Less is More, Except When It's Not

After I wrote the title, I thought about leaving the whole post blank.  Get it?  I could not crack myself up more.  Anyway...I was thinking that a lot of people seem to not quite grasp the "less is more" concept, so I thought I would prepare a handy list of things that illustrate that sometimes a little goes a long way.  You might want to consider making and laminating smaller copies of the list to hand out as needed.

Less is More
1.  Cleavage (think sexy versus slutty)
I am guessing "less" isn't
even in this girl's vocabulary
2.  Make-up
3.  Bay seasoning
4.  Alcoholic beverages (more = unruly, messy, often naked behavior)
5.  Homework
6.  Quality time with your kids (settle down, you know your kids can only take so much too)
7.  Quality time with your husband (of course there can never be too much wife quality time)
8.  Cooking (if you do it every day, your family won't know to really appreciate it)
9.  Perfume/ cologne/ all Axe and Axe-like products
10. Speeches/ Power Point presentations/ eulogies (let the person rest in peace for God's sake)
11. Play dates at your house
See what I mean?
12. Parent-teacher conferences (more is never a good sign)

Of course, there are times when more is actually more/ better/ superior.  It is just as important to be familiar with the things on this list as well.

More is More
1.  Skirt length (trust me, your skirt is not too long)
2.  Pizza
3.  Cheese
4.  French Fries
Okay then...slight caveat.
Cheese with a mouse in
it is always too much cheese.
5.  Alcoholic beverages (more = fun, fun, fun)
6.  Play dates at other people's houses
7.  Patience (I don't actually have more of that, but it's a good thing)
8.  Vacation Days
9.  Awards/ Prizes (only in regard to yourself, for other people less is more and don't brag)
10. Meals at restaurants

I am sure there are more things that could go on these lists, but that's what I came up with so far.  I actually think we also need a list called "Any is Too Much."  This would include things like rudeness, freshness from your kids and vomit.


  1. You always make complete sense to me & make me laugh. Thanks!

  2. I completely agree with this list! And I'm also really happy that maxi dresses made an appearance in my house this summer. Comfy, modest, and trendy? I'm finally hip.

  3. Excellent post as always. Thanks for the handy lists. And I'll help - Any is too much: spandex, speedo, thongs - I mean, if I pull my underwear out of my butt, why would I put it there on purpose??

  4. That first photo about gave me a heart attack. Seriously, it is too early in the morning to view that horror!

    Any Is Too Much:
    Busytown Mysteries (seriously, it's not a mystery if I figure it out shortly after the opening credits)
    Poop not in a toilet

  5. I am loving that people are adding to the list!!

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