Friday, September 13, 2013

You Know How To Take The Reservation...

" just don't know how to hold the reservation.  And that's really the most important part of the reservation, the holding.  Anybody can just take them."

For those of you who are a normal age, you know where this quote is from.  And, the scene was very funny except for the part where the whole thing was kind of true and therefore, not funny.  A paradox, if you will  (Look at us using fancy words and concepts).

I thought of this quote the other day when I had to call a restaurant back in order to keep my reservation.  WTF?  I called you in the first place!  Why do I have to return your confirmation phone call, that I missed, just to keep my spot!?!?  It's all I can do to get my sh*t together enough to call and make reservations and doctor and hair appointments in the first place!  Now I have to add to that the panic of calling back ASAP so as not lose my reservation?  No thank you!

Restaurant:  Hi! (fake cheery voice) We're calling to confirm your reservation (that you made less than 24 hours ago) for 7 people at 8:30pm tomorrow.  You now have 1 minute and 16 seconds to call us back before we give your table away.  Go.

Me:  Wait.  What?!  I'm in my car.  I can't look up the number and there are no red lights between here and my house!  I cannot reach my Xanax.  I'm seeing white.  Deep breath.  Deep breath.

Some places will call and "remind" you of your appointment or reservation and ask you to call back IF you CAN'T keep it.  That's great.  Reminding me of anything is always a good idea.  Example of why:

My Mother:  Is it okay if I stop by your house tomorrow between my appointments?

Me: Of course.  Just so you know though, I will probably forget, but you can still come.

My Mother the Next Day after letting herself in while I am upstairs:  Hello? Hello?

Me:  Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!  What!?!?  Oh my god!!  Oh.  It's you.  Hi.

So, you see all reminder phone calls are not bad.  Just ones I have to return/acknowledge.

OMG!!!  Someone just called my name!  I'm totally going
to be killed!  I also have this same level of reaction when
someone walks up quietly next to me when I'm reading
 my book and starts a conversation in a normal voice.


  1. YES! Reminders good, call if not going to make it awesome, call or you lose it NO WAY. I'm with ya on all accounts. And this is for us to pay them for service, nice.

  2. How did I miss this?

    I am with you on this! Reservations should be just that!!!!!!! Don't make me work harder!


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