Monday, November 11, 2013

We Have A New Addition

Ha ha, no, it's not a baby.  And PS, that's not even funny.  What's funny about a 46-old-woman adding a new baby to the existing line-up of an 18-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl?  Nothing.  That's what's funny about it.  You guys have a warped sense of humor.

Look how sad Raul
was before he got a
real home.
You know what is funny?  And beyond super awesome?  A 5 foot tall metal chicken.  That's right, I said it.  I finally found Raul Ibanez!!!  He is perfect in every way.  He is fun.  He appreciates a good joke.  He does not poop or make noise or ever talk back.  He is totally chill.

Just a little back story for you...about a year and half ago I read a post by The Bloggess.  She had written about how she bought a big metal chicken instead of towels.  It was the first thing I'd ever read by her and it was hysterical!  I was wildly amused by the idea of having a big metal chicken.  I mean that is something that is going to be funny every time you look at it.  Who wouldn't want one?  

I decided to name my chicken Raul Ibanez.  I like saying that.  It's very catchy.  At the time I picked the name, the real Raul Ibanez played for the Phillies, my home team.  Before I could find my own chicken (who knew it would be that hard), Raul got traded.  I don't remember where.  But, I kept the name, because I just felt that my chicken, who I knew would one day end up with me, was named Raul Ibanez.

I looked and looked for my own chicken.  But alas, none was to be found that was more than 2 feet tall.  That's cute and all, but not funny or useful.  I finally found one online for $800.  Um, no thank you.  Sigh.  This went on for over a year and half.

And then...there he was!!  The Party and I were visiting LG and The Boss (TB) (click here if you don't remember why that's their names) in Rehobeth Beach.  We were just walking along and there was Raul Ibanez!  I went right into the store he was in front of to ask the price.  Way better than $800, but not as low as I was hoping.  I needed to think on it a little.  Well, the more I thought about it, the more it was totally worth it.  I mean it's a big 5 foot tall metal chicken!  Years of enjoyment would be mine.  

The Party, who is a little skeptical about fun, couldn't believe I was really going to buy Raul, but I did.  I told Party it could be my Chanukah present.  That seemed to help him reconcile the expense.  I also told him that really, it was a bargain.  If I had wanted a piece of jewelry for Chanukah, that would have cost more money and I wouldn't even have enjoyed it as much.  This is a gift that will make me happy every day and he didn't even have to think up something to buy me.  Honestly, he really should have thanked me.  I think I'm going to tell him that.

We had The Party's car with us, which Raul Ibanez wouldn't fit in, so LG took him to her house at home (she had her SUV).  Essentially, LG fostered Raul for us for two weeks until we could come get him.  They spent a lot of quality time together and Raul really adjusted well to domestic living.

This morning, Raul's first day home, The Party says to me "There is a big chicken in the living room."  "I know!  Isn't it awesome?!  Didn't you totally smile when you saw him?" "No.  He scared me.  I think he moved a little."  "Oh my god!  Do you really think he moved?  That would be so cool."  Party just looked at me and went into the kitchen to get some coffee (not for Raul I might add).

LG taught Raul some life skills.

Raul Ibanez practiced his soccer.
He hopes to play travel next year.

Even the best chickens sometimes
get into trouble when they are
not being supervised.

Finally, Raul is relaxing in
his new forever home.


  1. I am so jealous! I, too, am on the lookout for my own big metal chicken. And I have five-wooded acres to hide him in. Think of the possibilities! Scare the heck out of my husband if he dares cut down any more of my trees! (OK, two of them were totally dead and the one would have crushed my house if it fell the wrong way, but the last one was ALIVE!). Uh, hm, anyway, congrats on the chicken.

    1. thanks! And, you are very lucky that your chicken could live outside. I wanted to put Raul outside, but I have annoying friends who would think it wildly amusing to remove Raul from his home. I'm not 100% sure he is even safe inside.

  2. Raul is awesome! I would totally leave him inside for fear of rust or him wandering off to a party. I mean, you wouldn't want someone to show up with their $800 female version and a bunch of little ones and say that Raul tainted her!!! :D

  3. Your friend LG sounds totally fun and cool ( and pretty and young).


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