Sunday, February 24, 2013

Harlem Shake has nothing to do with the Harlem Globetrotters

Maybe they are all laughing
because they're watching Scooby
 and Scrappy and a fake ghost do
the Harlem Shake.
I have been steadfast in my refusal to find out about the Harlem Shake.  I kept hearing about it.  I  knew it was some sort of new silly thing.  But, honestly, I just didn't care enough to look into it.  Every time I heard anyone mention it, or saw it on line, Harlem Globetrotter's is what came to mind and then their little whistle-y song would run through my head.  Then I would picture Meadowlark Lemon as a cartoon on Scooby Doo.

Last night though, I had to break down and find out.  So, for anyone else who didn't know, here's what it is:  one person dances around all silly and crazy (to the Harlem Shake) while everyone else just stands around pretending not to notice. Then, when the second part of the song starts you suddenly see everyone dressed up crazy and dancing.  The whole thing lasts about 30 seconds.

I think this is supposed to be hysterically funny.  The beauty is lost on me, mostly.  The only reason I even had to know what it was is that SB and her friends made a Harlem Shake video.  She didn't tell me.  The Party did.  I came home the other night and he told me that SB and her friends had stopped by the family room in crazy costumes (PS - finally getting some use out of several years worth of Halloween costumes that SB won't give away) and just stood staring at him.  So, of course, he says "Yes?  Can I help you?"  SB says "We're making a Harlem Shake video" and then girls all just walked away and went to the basement.

Below is their video.  You can go to YouTube and find about a kazillion more.  They are all pretty much the same.  The only one I saw that made me laugh was done by a news team.  While they were reporting on the trend, we, the viewer, were suddenly watching a Shake video with the news team in it.  SB's made me laugh because she is really not a crazy dance person (Please note, SB is not the front and center dancer, because that would be ridiculous.  If you ever see her front and center in a dance video, you will know she's drunk and you should let me know).  I imagine this is what's funny about most of the videos - it's funny if you know the people doing it.  If I could get my mom and her friends do it, I think that would be funny.

Anyhoo, now you are totally caught up on the most current thing in Pop Culture.  You're welcome.

Oh, btw, if you actually know SB or any of her friends in real life, be a pal and don't mention you saw the video.  They have posted it publicly on YouTube, but apparently, no one is supposed to watch it.  No, I don't understand, I'm not a teenaged girl.

Picture the little Globe
Kid practicing while the
others are dancing.
OMG - brilliant idea!  Harlem Shake WITH the Harlem Globetrotters! But kind of a backwards version.  One guy is practicing shooting and the rest are dressed up dancing.  Then, when the music changes, they are all suddenly in basketball uniforms doing Globetrotter basketball tricks and whatnot.  This is an amazing Globetrotter marketing idea.  I should totally send it in to them.  I really don't get how I am not rich or don't have my own TV show.

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  1. Whaaaaaaat? So is it always the same song? I saw a meme that was a pic of the peanuts gang doing their dance and it said something like "doing the Harlem Shake since 1955" - I am so not getting this whole thing. Thanks for trying to bring me up to date. Keep trying!! bwa ha ha ha!!! :)


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