Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Do I Always Have To Be The Normal One?

I couldn't find
any baby shampoo
ads with
adults in them.
Go figure.
We have another incident similar to the rubber gloves and hand soap incidents.  If you don't know/recall to what I am referring, you can read up on it here.  This time it involved shampoo.

The Party:  How come you never buy baby shampoo?
Me:  Because we don't have any babies.  Is this a trick question?
Party:  I love baby shampoo.
Me:  Why do you love baby shampoo?
Party:  Because it makes your hair soft and shiny and smell like babies.

As you know, there is really nothing I can say to this.  If he had mentioned any time in the last 10-12 years since I stopped buying baby shampoo that he wanted some, I would have bought it.  Further, he does have a car and access to money, so he could have made the purchase himself at any time.  I also am not sure why he wants his hair to smell like babies since he can't smell his own hair.  If he likes the smell, you would think he'd want me to use baby shampoo.

They plan to get married?  I
guess so!  She hasn't really
left herself too many
other choices, has she?
I will say that Party seems waaaaayyyyy  more normal when compared to the guy who just tattooed his name across his new girlfriend's face.  The only person more ridiculous than this guy is the girl who let him do it.  It takes up her whole face!  WTF!?  Did I mention they had just met in person after starting a relationship on line?  Hey kids - this is why it's bad to do drugs!!  Honestly, why didn't she just tattoo across her forehead "I hope to be permanently unemployed?"  Someone needs to take away this guy's tattoo equipment.  Oh - and PS - he didn't even spell his own name right!  Double whistle.  And smack in the back of the head. 

In unrelated, but exciting news...Boy got his first letter from college today!  He got into University of Connecticut.  I was all happy for him, then it hit me.  I am the mother of someone who just go into college.  That is just so wrong.  I mean I just was in college like five minutes ago!  Aaaahhhhhhh!  I would show you a picture of the letter, but it looks like someone chewed on it.  No, it didn't get mangled in the mail.  Boy is completely unable to open an envelope like a regular person.  Picture a puppy (paws, no fingers) trying to open a sealed envelope.  Whatever you are picturing looks less mangled than what Boy does to envelopes.  As a result, things inside said envelopes also get roughed up.  Thank God the colleges are not aware of his disability; this would totally weigh against him.


  1. 1. You are strange. (Said in nicest way possible)

    2. Yay for Boy!

    Love, Mom

  2. The tattoo people are way past strange! Did you get a load of the size of the holes in his nose with those expanders rings....ewww. Good luck to her in 2 years when she goes for THAT tattoo removal. Say no to drugs is right!
    My hubby also loves Johnson's baby shampoo. Cracks me up to buy it, but could be worse, I could need it for an actual baby!
    UCONN is awesome. Lived about 15 minutes from the school and used to go all the time. The Dairy Bar is the best reason to even attend there!! Way to go Boy! (making my kids go in state because it is way cheaper here (in NC) and the place is CRAWLING with colleges)

  3. talk about commitment....nice tat. I think a smack and whistle would be a waste of time.
    GO BOY! How exciting! It is amazing how our children age but we do not. How goes the car situation? lol

  4. Congrats to Boy. N maybe Party wants another baby. Hint hint. Lol.

    1. that's so funny Diana. Not. That will NEVER happen! You're the young one, YOU should have another baby.

    2. If Diana has another THAT would make for funny Facebook status updates...seeing as she thinks I have lost my mojo! I think I have a new status for later on!!!!!! MWAHAHAHHAHA


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