Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wrongness Has So Many Levels

It would be great if she
was forced to wear this.  That
way other parents would
know to keep their kids
away from her.
A 40-year-old mother (age given to show the mother was an "adult" when she had this child) from Colorado was arrested for providing marijuana and alcohol to her middle school-aged daughter and her friends.  On an ongoing basis.  Okay, that's bad enough, but it gets worse.  She allowed her daughter to video tape her giving them the stuff and while they were smoking the marijuana.  On an ongoing basis.  Mom, during one of the sessions, says daughter really should stop recording because Mom could get in big trouble if anyone found out.  I am getting a sense that mom is not the person in charge around here.

This mother complains to her daughter that she is risking getting in trouble so the girl and her friends can have fun.  I would classify this entire situation as a big fat giant Parent Fail.  Honestly, what's the thinking here?  "Gee, I wish my daughter thought I was fun and cool."  No thank you.  That's not your job.

Awhile back I mentioned (with some disdain) that the buyer from Barneys New York said that the handbag to have this season was The Row's $39,000 backpack.  The Row is the upscale clothing/accessory line from Ashley and Mary Kate.  I would definitely say that a 39k backpack is more upscale than their original clothing line at Walmart.  Well, joke is on us.  They have sold out of the (I think fake leather) bag.  Sold out.  Having a hard time keeping up with demand.  The only thing they neglected to mention was how many they actually make at a time.  If you are only making like 3 or 4 at a time, "sold out" has a little less meaning.  

I wonder if the
other Olsen twin
is in there.
I think if I owned a bag like this I would not feel special.  I would feel sad.  I would feel sad because if I put everything else I owned in the bag, it wouldn't add up to the cost of the bag.  My car and the bag are roughly the same price (with the bag edging out the car) and my car holds way more stuff and has a radio.  Just saying.

Moving on to political wrongness.  Talk about stretching.  Rick Perry is being accused of being "insensitive to black people" because the hunting cabin his family leased had the word "Niggerhead" on a rock at the cabin's entrance.  Hearing this, the first response is to be outraged and disgusted.  Then, when you read on, you find out that when the family began leasing the property in 1983 or 1984 Perry's father painted over it.  Bottom line, the Perry family didn't write it and they got rid of it when they saw it.  There is some discussion to the effect that someone saw the word still there recently.  Really?  Who saw it?

Giving the article even less credence is Herman Cain's comments (Cain is also a Republican hopeful).  He is quoted as saying that the "n" word is really one of the most vile and leaving the word up for as long as they did was "just plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country."  Um Herman...wouldn't all black people find it insensitive, not just "a lot" of them?

And just as an aside, why would someone put a rock with the offensive "n" word at the cabin's entrance?  If you are white and don't like black people, you wouldn't want it at your entrance.  If you were black you certainly wouldn't want it there.  Further, if black people lived there and a white person vandalized the rock and wrote that, who would leave it like that?  The whole thing is ridiculous and dates back over 25 years.  It doesn't really tell us anything about Rick Perry.  Or Herman Cain.  So, what we have is more useless information about politicians.  Excellent.  I am sure the Democrats appreciate all the Republican help.

I bet in their next picture
together, one of them
won't be smiling.
Just in time for the holidays, Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis has come out with the book Whateverland: Learning to Live Here.  In it Alexis ruins any chance she had of inheriting any Martha Stewart money or hand-stitched sampler pillows by letting us all know that Martha peed with the door open (even with company), made Alexis wrap her own presents, and that there was never anything to eat at her house.  Further, she recalls her mother telling her (and I am paraphrasing a little) to marry someone ugly and wealthy, but have babies with someone hot and young.  I am a little worried that the next we read about these two will be the news story reporting that Alexis' body has been found glue gunned to freshly ironed sheets with soothing potpourri petals all around her keeping the room smelling fresh until police could arrive.


  1. She had to wrap her own presents? The horror ... the horror.

  2. Regarding Mom #1...I'm just guessing here, but I get the feeling she's not the brightest bulb in the pack. Or, to put it more succinctly, What a dumbshit!

    Regarding Mom #Last...Martha Stewart wasn't a great mom? Who'd a thunk it? Shocking.

    Regarding the backpack...I think any idiot who would actually pay that much $ for a backpack - which isn't even real leather - should get together with Mom#1. Because they seem to have a lot in common.

    Great post. Hilarious, as always!

  3. Love it...especially about Martha. That's too funny. She pees with the door open?! The woman has no couth...

  4. I knew I had something in common with Martha. I also pee with the door open, but not if anyone other than me and DD are around.


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